The time has come to start putting in some serious thought on those Halloween costumes. On a day that allows you to be whoever you want for an entire night, why not be one of the most iconic musicians in our scene? If you're like me you strive to channel your inner Hayley Williams on a daily basis, whether that be through her incredible confidence or her contagious personality. Halloween is the day where we can take our need to embody the Paramore frontwoman's infectious spirit to the next level and go all out with some badass costumes for what is, in my opinion, the best time of the year.

Here's a few Hayley Williams gif costume ideas to get you started!

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First, some helpful tips and tricks:

Visit Arda Wigs for all your Hayley hair needs

Seriously. They have almost every hair style in practically every color you can think of AND the prices aren't ridiculous. If you can't seem to find that spot-on wig you're looking for, you can purchase a blonde one and dye the wig yourself. If you go that route, why not purchase some of Williams' Good Dye Young to get that perfect shade you're looking for?

Search Poshmark

I recently stumbled across this gem while looking for items for my costume. It's a resell app/website that allows people to buy and sell different fashion items at ridiculously great prices. You can find name brand items, make offers on listed clothing, and reach out to sellers directly to ask any questions you may have. The best part? The money never actually comes out of your PayPal account until the item is actually in your hands. You can find just about anything on here, so this would definitely be my first go-to in search of the perfect Paramore outfit.

Now on to the gifs!

1. “Misery Business” Hair Flick

Paramore Misery Business

[Gif by: fyeahparamoregifs/Tumblr]

Probably the most well-known music video from the Paramore legacy, why not go for the “Misery Business” look? Create your own DIY shirt by snagging a plain orange one, cutting off the sleeves, and using the extra material to create the orange/yellow braided tassels. Snag a pair of zebra tights from We Love Colors for $14, toss a black mini skirt over it to finish the look. Now all you need to do is master the fierce hair flick and you're good to go!

2.  “Hard Times” Pastel Party

[Gif by: paramore-gifs/Tumblr]

Run this gif solo or with two of your favorite fellow Paramore fans. You can snag a red denim jacket from Forever 21 for $32.90, or hit up sites such as Poshmark and Ebay if you're looking to find a better deal. Red jeans in a similar shade shouldn't be too hard to find (try your local Hot Topic). Checkerboard Vans can be purchased from the Vans website for $50, or you can hit up any Journey's store to pick up a pair. The look can be finished by either applying some blue/yellow eyeshadow or face paint around your eyes, or snag a pair of oval-shaped sunglasses from Five Below, Walmart or even the Dollar Store.

3. 2015 APMAs Winner-Winner Williams

Hayley Williams APMAs 2015

[Gif by: fanpop/Giphy]

Who can forget the iconic moment that Hayley Williams won the 2015 APMAs Best Vocalist award?! The award was a well-deserved win for Williams, and a badass Halloween costume idea. Pick up a plain black halter top and pair it with sequin boyfriend jeans that you can find from several retailers at AliExpress for around $45. Finish the look by slipping into some Dr. Martens, or any similar black boots. If you REALLY want to take things up a notch, then try re-creating your very own Skully out of clay/cardboard so you too can show off those badass muscles.

4. Hayley In A Half Shell

Hayley Williams Ninja Turlte

[Gif by: only-parawhores/Pinterest]

If you're looking to channel Hayley's free and fun spirit, then this is the gif for you! While Target no longer sells the Xhilaration Yellow Romper, you can still find some in a wide array of sizes on Poshmark for around $15. Slip into your very own Ninja Turtle Shell from Walmart or Target for a mere $15, then be sure to complete the look by making sure everyone witnesses your kickass ninja moves.

5. “Ignorance” Is Your New Best Gif

Paramore Ignorance video

[Gif by: Giphy]

AliExpress has a few cheap, black denim vests you can snag for around $20. If you don't already own a pair of black skinny jeans, stop by Hot Topic and change that. This gif would not be complete without the light bulb, so why not pick up one of these rad, battery operated ones? They're only $7.99 AND are cool to the touch, so you can shine your light on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters while you sing obnoxiously all night long. 

Which Hayley Williams gif will you be going as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!