5. OLDER FANS: You can help (and should if asked).
You’ve amassed knowledge and experience throughout the years to the point where it feels like common knowledge, but it’s important to remember everyone starts somewhere. Channel that inner kid who wore the band’s shirt to their show and got picked on by the older kids. Don’t be that older person.

You are in the perfect position to take a young person under your wing, show him or her the ropes and give helpful information, not to pick on them for not magically knowing everything there is to know. However, it’s important to only do this if a younger fan asks you, otherwise it will come across condescending.

6. YOUNGER FANS: We don’t bite.
Even if we do come across jaded and cranky and have the tendency to forget your position occasionally (fingers crossed that this article serves as a good reminder!), we were all in your shoes at one point. If there’s something you want to know, don’t be afraid to ask us. Of course, there are plain assholes everywhere, but for the most part, people love reminiscing and helping people they identify with.

7. YOUNGER FANS: Be yourself; don’t lie or be ashamed
We totally understand you may have been four years old when Your Favorite Weapon came out and couldn’t have possibly been into Brand New at that point; we’re fine with that. Don’t feel you have to lie about it. You also have to remember that the internet wasn’t the monster it is now when we were your age, so at the beginnings of some bands, it was impossible to know about them unless you were local or going to VFW hall shows on their tours (which had much smaller visibility). It doesn’t make sense for someone who was in pre-school at the time to have known about Brand New in 2001, for instance–unless your parents were super-cool, and we bet they weren’t.

8. ALL OF US: We can get along.
In the end, age is but a number and often isn’t even related to experience. A fan who is older in age may be less experienced than a fan who is younger in age, and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter in the slightest when we’re all a part of a much larger shared experience. So why not share? Why not get along? ALT