Emo Phone Accessories
[Photos via Hot Topic/Emo Nite LA]

Emo is a lifestyle, so it’s only appropriate that it extends to every aspect including your phone. Check out some of the most emo tech accessories below.

1. Black-and-white checkered earbuds

Emo Phone Accessories Checkered Ear Buds
[Photo via Hot Topic]

These earbuds are perfect for slip-on Vans fans.


2. Graveboy PopSocket

Emo Phone Accessories ENLA PopSocket
[Photo via Emo Nite LA]

This list wouldn’t be complete without party throwers Emo Nite LA and their sick PopSocket.


3. Skull universal charging cable string lights

Emo Phone Accessories Skull Charger
[Photo via Hot Topic]

For those looking to keep their phone fully charged while adding a little emo aesthetic to their life.

4. PopSockets metallic diamonds phone stand

Emo Phone Accessories Poof Diamond PopSocket
[Photo via Urban Outfitters]

A black diamond stand for when you’re feeling fancy but still emo.


5. Crying emoji phone case

Emo Phone Accessories Crying Emoji Case
[Photo via Walmart]

If you want what you’re feeling on the inside to reflect on the outside, then a crying emoji will do the trick.


6. PopSockets skull rose phone grip & stand

Emo Phone Accessories Skull PopSocket
[Photo via Hot Topic]

If you’re looking for a cute floral twist, then this phone stand has you covered.


7. Pink polka dot bat earbuds

Emo Phone Accessories Bat Ear Buds
[Photo via Hot Topic]

For emos who want to be spooky but not
too spooky.


8. Symmetry Series graphics case

Emo Phone Accessories OtterBox
[Photo via OtterBox]

If you want a case as black as your heart that can still protect it from drops, then this one is right up your alley.

9. Power poof USB portable charger

Emo Phone Accessories Poof Charger
[Photo via Macy’s]

Who knew it was so easy to be stylish yet totally functional?


10. “Stay Weird” case

Emo Phone Accessories Stay Weird Case
[Photo via Spencer’s]

The only mantra that matters.