The emotional stages of listening to All Time Low’s ‘Last Young Renegade’

June 20, 2017
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Nothing truly compares to listening to fresh tracks from an amazing artist—especially when it’s a release by AP faves All Time Low. We haven’t stopped spinning their latest, Last Young Renegade, since it was released June 2. If you’re like us, you get a little (or, hell, a lot) emo each time you listen, and you probably even have these same 11 thoughts every time you press play.

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1. When “Last Young Renegade” starts and you literally buckle up to prepare for the musical masterpiece you’re about to listen to  

Don’t wanna get caught in the eye of this pop-punk hurricane without taking the proper precautions, right?

2. Then “Drugs & Candy” comes on and you haven’t even recovered from track one yet

Give me all the candy, plz.

3. But then Jack’s guitar riff in “Dirty Laundry” hits and everything is okay again

Sometimes you just gotta let the music move you, ya know?

4. And other times you get moved to tears… like when you’re listening to the chorus of “Good Times”

TBH, I never want to leave this sunset town either, Alex.

5. Just “Nice2KnoU.” That is all.

Very rock. Much aggressive.


Written by AltPress