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2013 Readers Poll: Best Photographer

December 25 2013, 12:00 PM EST By Cassie Whitt

They captured your favorite artists this year, and you thanked them by hanging posters of their work on your walls and naming them your the best photographers of the year!

3. Sedition Photography

"His photos from Warped Tour 2013 are marvelous, he's a very gifted photographer who needs some more recognition."
Torri Abshire, @ShadowsDie_xxx | Brunswick, OH

2. Jeremy Saffer

"He makes creepy look cool."
Lauren Cupples, @LadyHarley219 | Parsons, TN


1. Adam Elmakias

"I've always admired Adam's photography, and when I got a quick hug from him at House Party, I was beyond happy. He's so nice and embraces the fans of the bands he shoots for with open arms."
--Samantha Lange, @tiedyemustache | Lafayette, OR


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