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Awesome site lets you catalog every concert you’ve been to

January 07 2017, 2:44 PM EST By Lindy Smith

From saving ticket stubs to uploading Instagram videos, there are a ton of ways to remember the concerts you've been to. But, if you're anything like me, you're not the best at keeping tabs on them. That's when I (okay, my best friend) discovered  Concert Archives—and it changed my life.

While I love keeping my Google Sheet document with a list, I wanted more out of my memory than just words on a document. Concert Archives lets you create concerts or search ones already in the database.

You can add photos, videos, venues, setlists and friends who have attended with you all in one convenient location. And if you don't feel like typing in all of the info, there are already thousands of shows in the database that you can search.

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If you've gone to a ton of shows, I suggest starting from a year and going from there. I've only completed 2015-2016 and it takes a few hours and I will be going as far back as 1999—but it's so worth it.

You don't even need to know that much info. Saw New Found Glory in Florida in 2004? You can type that info into the search and it'll pull up all of their shows in the area that year. Or, if none exist, you can create it. I suggest Googling the band, year and the word "tour" to find exact dates—or check Wikipedia.

The site breaks everything down by band, location, year and venue—and of course, who you've seen the most. You can also export your list into an Excel spreadsheet.

Now go forth and catalog those concerts.