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Band Reunion I’d Most Like To See in 2012

December 20 2011, 1:00 PM EST By Annie Zaleski

Band Reunion I'd Most Like To See in 2012

Despite the fact that they never broke up--and vocalist Patrick Stump even tweeted recently that if they "ever [did] another [record], it won't be a reunion record" because "reunion records almost always suck"--an overwhelming majority of readers voted FALL OUT BOY as the band reunion they'd most like to see in 2012. Why?

"Because it's Fall Out Boy." - Clare Hole, Pepper Pike, OH

"I love them, and I would love to see them perform together!" - Becca Onimus, Turnersville, NJ

"THNKS FR TH MMRS." - Ashlyn Fitch, Scandia, MN

"They are such a great band lyrically, vocally and musically in general." - Tayler Campos, Oak Creek, WI

"I miss them so much. All parts to their songs are genius. They're lyrical masterminds." - Paige Lambie, Driffield, UK


The Academy Is...

"They were one of the first bands I got into and saw live and can't imagine not hearing them together as a band again." - Caitlin Clausen, Pleasant Hill, CA

"it was an untimely death and they never really had a final hurrah." - Leah Trojan, Brooklyn, NY

"Because i'm completely gutted they split." - Serena Benson, Angus, Ontario, Canada


(Via Myspace/Photo by: Celina Kenyon Photography)

"Because they were amazing--everything about them. Ross Kenyon Joel Piper had the perfect mix and timing to sing." - Preston George, Boise, ID