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32 times the scene rocked the ‘TRL’ countdown

October 05 2017, 3:00 PM EDT By Rachel Campbell


In 2000, Papa Roach landed two tracks on the countdown: “Last Resort” and “Broken Home.” While “Last Resort” peaked at No. 4 for several days, “Broken Home” didn’t have much change going from a No. 10 debut to peaking at No. 6 before slowly declining and dropping off.


Paramore’s first charting track, “Misery Business,” was also their first No. 1. It held the spot for three days before dropping off and making room for “Crushcrushcrush” to peak at No. 3 and eventually “That’s What You Get,” which peaked at No. 9. Paramore (and Boys Like Girls) checked in with TRL via webcam while on the 2007 Warped Tour, and the band later showed up to the studio in person to perform “Misery Business” in October.


While “Hey There Delilah” was an immensely popular track overall, it only lasted two days on the chart in 2007—a debut at No. 10 and a peak at No. 9—before dropping off.


Relient K dominated 2005, landing two tracks on the charts in “Be My Escape” and “Who I Am Hate Who I’ve Been.” However, both debuted at No. 10 and peaked at No. 9 making them surprisingly short-lived.


Simple Plan first entered TRL’s countdown with “I’d Do Anything,” which peaked at No. 6 in October 2002. They later charted eight more videos, five of which hit No. 1, including “Addicted,” “Perfect,” “Welcome To My Life,” “Shut Up” and “Untitled.” One of the band’s most memorable moments, however, had nothing to do with a video and everything to do with their 2004 April Fools’ Day prank in which frontman Pierre Bouvier called into the show and punked viewers by saying he had parted ways with the band.

SUM 41

Sum 41 scored two No. 1 tracks with their first and last: “Fat Lip” and “Hell Song.” “Fat Lip” scored the top spot eight times before being retired after 65 days in September 2001. Other successes include “In Too Deep” peaking at No. 2 and “Still Waiting” peaking at No 4.


Weezer’s biggest TRL accomplishment was via “Hash Pipe,” peaking at No. 5 in June 2001. A few months later, they debuted “Island In The Sun,” which lasted one day at No. 10, and “Beverly Hills” never left the deck in April 2005.


Yellowcard found success in their Ocean Avenue singles, the title track and “Only One,” which peaked at No. 3 and 6, respectively, in 2004. However, a year later, Lights And Sounds’ title track remained on the deck, never advancing into the Top 10.