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10 creative ways to collect and display band autographs

August 17 2017, 12:00 PM EDT By Caitlyn Ralph

Meeting a band member you admire is a momentous occasion, and an autograph is a tangible memory to hold on to afterward. To help you make the most out of those precious mementos, we’ve gathered up 10 creative ways to collect and display band autographs.

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Desk and plexiglass

DIY band autographs
[Photo by: Pinterest]

This easy DIY task will remind you, as you’re getting some homework done, of that time you met Brendon Urie. Just grab a piece of plexiglass cut to the size of your desk at a hardware store. Collage the autographs on the desktop, and then place the plexiglass over it.

Shadow box

DIY autographs
[Photo by: Pinterest]

Shadow boxes are available at craft stores. You can decorate with scrapbooking supplies like the one above, or keep it simple. Either way, displaying your autographs this way will be a perfect addition to your coffee or side table. (Alternatively, a Mason jar works as well.)

Journal/photo album/scrapbook

DIY autographs
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Keep all your photos and autographs in one place with this idea. Have bands autograph your ticket or an actual journal page, and pair the signature with a picture from the concert or with the band themselves. These mini instant cameras from Urban Outfitters are a nice touch. After a while, you’ll be able to open up your autograph book and a take a trip down Concert-Memory Lane.

Baseball cap

DIY autographs
[Photo by: Pinterest]

Autographed T-shirts are a thing of the past. Update your style by having bands autograph a simple, white dad hat, and turn your concert mementos into a great addition to your wardrobe.

Display pillowcase

DIY autographs
[Photo by: Pinterest]

This one’s a little out there, but a white pillowcase is easy to find, buy and store in your bag during a show. Have bands autograph it and turn a boring white accent pillow into a conversation starter.