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For The Record: What will musicians be buying on Record Store Day?

April 11 2011, 9:00 AM EDT By Tim Karan


It’s the happiest day of the year for vinyl junkies.This Saturday, April 16, marks the fifth annual Record Store Day—a celebration of the fans, musicians and independent stores that help keep the record trade alive and kicking. More than 700 establishments in the U.S. and hundreds more around the world will participate in the day’s events while bands and labels release limited-edition albums, 7-inches, clothing, toys and more. Instead of telling you which albums we’ll be picking up, we asked some of our favorite musicians/collectors where they’ll be on Record Store Day, what they’ll be on a mission to find and the name of their “white whale”—the one vinyl release they wish they could add to their collections.


Where you’ll find him: Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California. “It has the ‘Walmart feature,’” says Gilbert. “You know if you go there, they’ll have exactly what you’re looking for.”
What he’ll be buying: “The Green Day/Hüsker Dü split 7-inch [“I Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely”]. It would be cool to have it since it’s a mash-up of two classic punk bands you wouldn’t expect to be on the same piece of wax. The indie hipster side of me also wants the Mumford & Sons/Laura Marling split 10-inch—which is definitely not as common as other forms of vinyl. Both artists write amazing songs. I'd get the Piebald triple gatefold LP for nostalgia purposes. I have all these records individually but to be able to go out and get a new Piebald record in some form brings back amazing memories for me. I also want to check out Bad Brains’ ‘Pay To Cum’ 7-inch record packaging. I have a few of the originals of this record but it would still be neat to pick up if they did something cool with the artwork. I’d also like A Day To Remember’s ‘All I Want’ 7-inch. I produced the record that this song is from, so I'd like to have it in my collection and show my grandkids when I'm 80.”
White whale: “I have a massive collection of old hardcore records  and lots of rare and original pressings—but all my Minor Threat records are still represses. So one day I need to drop some major dime for some Minor Threat originals.”

Where you’ll find him: Other Music in New York City
What he’ll be buying:  “The Kill Rock Stars 12-inch and the White Stripes’ ‘Lafayette Blues’ on Third Man. Right now, I’m obsessed with analyzing Meg White’s drumming and programming my TR-909 drum machine in that way. There is something about her timing that is very fascinating for me as a German electronic artist.”
White whale: “Various Sun Ra stuff.”

Where you’ll find him: Newbury Comics. “Either on Newbury Street in Boston or in Saugus, Massachusetts,” says Landers. “Newbury is where I would buy all of the CDs I was into growing up. I’ve found too many cool things in those stores—awesome CDs, rare 7-inches and a bunch of local bands. It’s just a really rad store.”
What he’ll be buying: “I’m gonna have to go with the Manchester Orchestra 7-inch that’s coming out. I’m stoked.”
White whale: “I’m not much of a collector, but I’ve got a few cool things. I have a copy of Hot Water Music’s Caution that I love. I’d have to say my most prized vinyl is my Moment/There Were Wires split 7-inch.’”

Where you’ll find him: Amoeba and Rasputin Records in Berkeley, California. “For once, I'll actually be home on Record Store Day, which makes it much easier for me to go record shopping,” says Wilson. “Both stores are nearby and I grew up doing the bulk of my record shopping there.
What he’ll be buying: “I’m a vinyl collector, so I will probably be buying a handful of records on Record Store Day. Anberlin’s Cities double LP: To me, this is a great power-pop/rock record and it's their best, so why not own it on vinyl? Between The Buried And Me’s The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues LP: I love everything these guys do and have followed them since their inception. I have no doubt that they will deliver with this release and I’m excited to hear it. Circa Survive’s Appendage LP: In my opinion, these guys haven't written a bad song. Stoked to hear this one, too. Deftones’ Covers LP: I've heard most of these covers and love them, so it would be cool to own them all on a limited-pressing vinyl format. Green Day/Hüsker Dü’s ‘I Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely’ split 7-inch: Two great bands playing a great song. What's not to love? Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American Deluxe triple LP: This is one of my favorite albums by them so I'm excited to pick this up. Owen’s O, Evelyn 7-inch: another great band who don’t disappoint. Stoked to hear this one. Pearl Jam’s ‘Immortality’ b/w ‘Rearviewmirror’ 7-inch: ‘Rearviewmirror’ is one of my all time favorite Pearl Jam tracks, so I hope I can find this. Pink Floyd’s London ’66/’67 12-inch: Pink Floyd are an incredible band and I think it's awesome they're supporting Record Store Day by doing a limited run of these. I'm going to show my support as well by picking up a copy. Neurosis’ Neurosis LP: One of my favorite bands in the heavier music realm and limited to only 600. Definitely a must-have.”
White whale: “Saves The Day’s ‘I'm Sorry I'm Leaving’ 7-inch. I slept on picking this up when they sold it at the San Francisco date of the tour they did directly following the EP's release. It’s released on now-defunct label Immigrant Sun and the unique packaging was what first stood out to me. The sleeves are monarch butterfly wings. Ever since then, I've wanted a copy, but have had the hardest time finding someone who will part ways with it.”

Where you’ll find him: “It all depends on the gas prices. I've always enjoyed my experiences at Love Garden in Lawrence, Kansas. However, I have recently been told to check out Earwaxx Records And More in North Kansas City. My roommate's band Be/Non are performing there. So, Earwaxx will most likely be my choice this year, unless I find out they don't like my band. I'm going to ask around.”
What he’ll be buying: An Introduction To Syd Barrett double LP. “A friend of mine—Anne Winter (RIP)—once made a mixtape of Syd songs that she thought I would like after I admitted that I hadn't ever heard his solo stuff. I lost it after only listening to it once and I haven't heard it since. So, it seems fitting in many ways for this to be my purchase. She owned and operated a record store in Kansas City called Recycled Sounds, where I was introduced to many things that may have enabled a more artistic kind of growth in me. I miss her.”
White whale: “I'll admit I'm not huge collector, but lately, I've been trying to find the album Who's Who by Who's Who. I have yet to locate it in stores.”

Where you’ll find him: Vertigo Music in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “It’s our local record shop and we’re actually going to play an in-store,” says Przybylski. “Two of us have worked there. It’s a Grand Rapids staple and still one of my favorites.”
What he’ll be buying: “The Big Star, Nirvana, and Sonic Youth records, because it's awesome that each of them is happening.”
White whale: “Low’s The Curtain Hits The Cast. I’ve almost spent way too much on this on eBay a dozen times or so, but have never been able to bring myself to, as it goes pretty damn high. I’ve looked for this in every record store I’ve set foot in for probably eight years now, and even asked the band themselves about it. Of course, it's my favorite of their albums, too.”