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In The Studio: Four Year Strong

April 06 2011, 9:00 AM EDT By Annie Zaleski


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Yesterday, Four Year Strong began a five-week stint opening Rise Against’s spring tour alongside Bad Religion. For the last few months, however, the Worcester, Massachusetts, popcore act have been at New Jersey’s House Of Loud studio with producer David Bendeth, working on their still-untitled fourth album.

The band—who are down to a four-piece with the departure of keyboardist Josh Lyford last weekend—wrote the bulk of the music before they went on a U.K. tour with Good Charlotte in February. Vocalist/guitarist Alan Day considers this material to include “the best songs that we’ve written to date,” he says. “We’re just writing rock songs. We’re writing everything that just feels right. We’re trying not to fall into any genre or fall into any scene or fall into what people think we should be doing.

“And it’s a ton of fun,” he adds. “I think kids are going to be real stoked on the songs. Not only on the record, but when we start playing them live, they’re going to be amazing.”

Day admits that the music is “different than what we’ve done in the past,” but he considers it a “natural progression” for the band. “It’s not necessarily something that the fans are expecting,” he explains, “but [when they hear the record] they’re going to wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.” Still, there are some curveballs—from a song that Day says is “really heavy, really aggressive, really angry” to another that’s “really uplifting, really hopeful.” In fact, Four Year Strong made a conscious effort to have a diverse range of songs so there’s “a real dynamic to the record,” as Day puts it.

Lyrically, fans can expect to hear Four Year Strong’s first narrative song. “[It’s] talking about someone we know in a specific situation and the things that they go through,” Day explains. “And it’s not talking about ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘we,’ it’s talking about ‘he.’” In general, however, the band’s songwriting is very simple: It’s addressing what inspires them. “We write about friends,” he says. “We write about music, we write about our fans, we write about our career, we write about the music industry, we write about family.”

In June, Four Year Strong will be heading back to the House Of Loud to finish up the album. Day is confident that the end result is going to be worth the wait. “From beginning to end, we just concentrated so much on making the songs interesting, keeping them singable and making sure there’s something that people can connect to,” Day says. “That’s something that is so intriguing to us, as writers, is the quality of a song, the way it’s written. We’ve always strived to make the best songs that we could. We’ve definitely [surpassed] our [previous] best songs, which is all we can ask for.” alt