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In The Studio: Iwrestledabearonce

March 02 2011, 9:00 AM EST By Annie Zaleski

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On Monday, the five members of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE (and their merch dude, Eli) picked up and collectively moved to Los Angeles, California, from Birmingham, Alabama. (“We’re selling out, becoming hippies and moving to the West Coast,” jokes guitarist Steven Bradley.) Before moving, however, the metal marauders recorded their second album at their house in Birmingham—an experience that was less stressful and “more laid back” than the last time they were in the studio.

“We’ve gotten to sit on things and then listen to them a week later and change them,” Bradley says, “whereas the last album was kind of like, ‘All right, this song is done, let’s track it today, we gotta go.’ You know, [we’re] taking our time a little bit more [with this album].”

Still, the album’s genesis has been relatively painless. IWABO started gathering ideas the first week of December, wrote for about a month—with a break for the holidays thrown in—and then started tracking in mid-January. As the band’s studio blog reveals, the drum, guitar and bass sessions went well, and in the last week Krysta Cameron has been recording her vocals in “a nice ghetto DIY vocal booth… where you can hear our heater whenever it’s on [so] we’ve been playing freeze-out for vocal tracking.”

Having the luxury of time to record the 10-song album hasn’t exactly changed IWABO’s sound, however. Although Bradley notes that bassist Mike “Rickshaw” Martin and drummer Mike Montgomery have helped with writing this time around, he and guitarist John Ganey are still doing the majority of the songwriting—and the pair’s m.o. is set in stone.

“In terms of [a] heavier style of music, we don’t really know how to do anything other than ADD heavy music with random whatever parts thrown in,” Bradley explains. “If people enjoyed the last full-length, they would, I assume, enjoy this one. It’s the same style, but taken in each direction further—it’s got the heaviest stuff we’ve ever done and also has the catchiest stuff we’ve ever done and then weird stuff. I never know how to describe our music.

“Not that we’re Metallica, but we have our little style of music that we always seem to write,” he continues. “I don’t know; I feel like it might not be the best thing alive, but I definitely feel like we have our own style of putting things together, so I don’t know that we’ll ever stray too far from that, I suppose.”

Indeed, despite their impending cross-country move, Bradley stresses that with this new album, IWABO are still operating under the theory that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “We know what we like—and whether we want to or not, [we] have a certain way that we seem to always do things,” Bradley says. “[There’s] not a pre-decided structure or anything, but you can pretty much always count on having some heavy stuff, some softer, epic stuff and some random jazz or weird things thrown in. If people are down for that, then they should be down for this.” alt