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Melbourne punks Them Bruins premiere track “Heading For The Harrows”—listen (exclusive)

July 11 2016, 10:00 AM EDT By Kika Chatterjee

Melbourne, Australia-based rockers Them Bruins are premiering their brand new track "Heading For The Harrows" exclusively through AltPress!

The band has risen to prominence in their home country since releasing their debut EP in July 2012.

Their US debut, No One Wants To Dance With Them Bruins, is slated for release on August 26 via Old Flame Records. Pre-order it here.

Here's what the band had to say about their newest single, "Heading For The Harrows":

"We wrote this song toward the very end of our writing session for the EP and it is probably the first 'nouveau Bruins' song we've attempted - that is it wasn't four on the floor at 700 miles an hour as pretty much our entire 8 song back catalogue was.
We've always been trying to be the band we weren't seeing live in Melbourne and at the time were listening to a bit of Kasabian and Band of Skulls I think. That kinda UK bluesy stoop stuff with 'tude. We were trying to write something a bit slower but still ballsy and sexy as sin.

So we had the basic groove and rhythm guitar riff down and then Woody and I had a somewhat embarrassing duelling sing off in the backyard of the rehearsal place to come up with the lead riff which turned out to be his notes and my rhythm - it was kinda James Bondish and suave so we kept it.

The lyrics are a mix of sadness and cynicism, principally about a girl but more broadly about submitting to any impending doom with a sense of c'est la vie - smoke if you got 'em."

Stream "Heading For The Harrows" below!