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Nine standout artists from Warped Tour 2013

August 05 2013, 1:00 PM EDT By Philip Obenschain

HQ: Oakland, CA
Fan testimonial: "Wallpaper. are my favorite band on the tour." - Zach Hall, Five Knives
Claim to fame: A lot more punk-rock than they let on.

Ricky Reed (vocals), Novena Carmel (vocals)

Wallpaper. 2013 Warped Artists You Need To KnowHow has Warped Tour helped your band?
Reed: We may have tapped into a part of ourselves as a band that I didn't really know that we had. We have more of a punk-rock ethos than maybe we realized. Going into this, we thought this thing was going to crush us, but realized we can keep up with big, loud, heavy rock bands. It unlocked a new part of us.

What was your best experience on the tour?
Carmel: The day of the album release, which was also Ricky's birthday, [we played in] Kansas City. People from our stage were giving us shots between every song. Then we had our very first circle pit.
Reed: And at the end, I got Silly Stringed and pied in the face. That night, the DJs on our stage threw an afterparty that was basically a rave. It was a great day.

Carmel: In Detroit they had to evacuate everyone for a tornado. We haven't really had any particular mishaps though.
Reed: There's never anything that bad at Warped Tour, that's what we've learned. Even if there are 20 people in front of you in line for the shower, you're going to make 20 new friends. Even when they evacuated everyone into the amphitheater [in Detroit], our drummer ran in circles until everyone did the wave.

What are your next plans?
Reed: Visiting friends and family for a few days, studio work in August and September, then going back on the road in October.

Who were your Warped standout artists?
Reed: letlive., the Story So Far, the Summer Set, Chiodos...
Carmel: the Chariot, Stick To Your Guns. And that's not including all the cool people on our stage.

How do you feel about Warped winding down?
Carmel: It's a little sad. We're going to have a prom and they'll probably play "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday," and that's when I'll break down.
Reed: My drinking is starting to feel like sadness drinking.


Tampa, FL
Fan testimonial: "It's like going to church." – Mileena, Montpelier, OH on her first experience seeing them live.
Claim to fame: Endlessly winning over fans through nonstop hard work.

Cody Carson (vocals)

Set It Off Warped 2013 artist you need to know | Alternative PressHave you noticed your buzz grow throughout the summer?
Carson: Yeah, absolutely. Followers, social media count, crowd-size, it's been amazing. We went from no one knowing the words to people screaming the words.

How has Warped Tour helped your band?
Carson: I've made some really great friends, friends you wouldn't expect. Andy [Biersack] from Black Veil Brides and I found out we both have a love for Batman. But the best thing is winning over new fans.

What was your best experience on the tour?
Two days ago in Orlando we got bumped up to the main stage. That was surreal. Also, just seeing our hard work pay off and seeing our fanbase grow.

Carson: We've gone through three drivers. The first one crashed into We Came As Romans' bus mirror.

What are your next plans?
Carson: We're going overseas with Tonight Alive, then a full U.S. tour in the fall. We're also constantly writing and hoping to be in the studio by the end of this year or beginning of next year.

Who were your Warped standout artists?
Carson: Definitely letlive. Tonight Alive are great, New Years Day—I've been jumping on for a song every day. I also saw part of Echosmith's set recently and really liked them a lot.


Toluca Lake, CA
Fan testimonial: "I love Sydney's voice and her style. They're all really great performers." – Emily, Cincinnati, OH
Claim to fame: The youngest band on the tour this year.

Jamie Sierota (guitar, vocals), Noah Sierota (bass), Sydney Sierota (vocals, keyboard)

Echosmith, Warped 2013 Artist You Need To Know | Alternative PressHow has Warped Tour helped your band?
Jamie: We went into it knowing we stick out like a sore thumb, and that ended up being a really positive thing.
Noah: One of the coolest parts is seeing more people in each city who know who we are.

What was your best experience on the tour?
Jamie: In Detroit, they evacuated everyone into the arena for a storm right when we were supposed to go on, and we got to go on first right after [the storm]. Everyone stayed and it was probably the best show of the tour.
Sydney: The WWE fighting during the barbecues—the first time I didn't know what was going on, but they've done three of them and they've been really fun to watch. Everyone gets super into it.

We've had some gear mishaps, and when there's bad weather it gets all over us. Our stage doesn't have any covering.

What are your next plans?
Jamie: We're doing a couple shows with Owl City, then figuring out the rest of the year. We want to keep touring.

Who were your Warped stand-out artists?
Noah: Alvarez Kings.
Sydney: Hands Like Houses, For The Foxes, Tonight Alive. >>>