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On The Road Again: New Years Day on the Fight To Unite Tour

May 02 2012, 12:35 PM EDT By Bryne Yancey

Over the next few weeks Altpress.com will be hosting tour diaries from bands taking part in the Fight To Unite Tour, including William Control, Blood On The Dance Floor and New Years Day. Here's the third chapter from Ash of New Years Day. The first entry from William Control can be read here and the second from Dahvie Vanity of BOTDF can read here.

Well… it feels like the entire music world saw or heard about what happened at the beginning of the Fight To Unite Tour… BUT for those who don't know, let’s recap.

The tour hit my hometown and I knew this was going to be a very special show for me. I had never felt more confident or more ready to take the stage on a tour. I had learned so much from the previous tour, the ALL THE RAGE tour, about who I was as a performer. The line of kids waiting outside wrapped around the building. I was excited and ready to impress my close friends and family, but most of all, my father, who had never seen my band New Years Day play a show. We had grown distant because of my career and life choices and hadn't spoken in years. Something possessed me to reach out to him and insist that he come to the show. He showed up, to my surprise. I sat him in the VIP section, directly by the stage, gave him a hug and thanked him for coming. I told everyone my dad was in the audience. All the other bands on the tour knew, the crew, my record label, Hell, even the damn security of the venue knew. 

Right before I went on, Drew Ferrara (BOTDF’s production manager) warned me about the messy stage. I blew it off but thanked Drew for the warning saying, "Thanks, my Dad is here for the first time and I’d hate to do anything embarrassing."

Two songs in, I felt the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It felt like an invisible crowbar or semi truck smashed into my leg. I took a bad step and dislocated my knee and chipped the bone in my right elbow. I was carried off stage and taken to the back while the band kept playing, having no idea what was going on around them. Everything happens for a reason. To name one, my Dad was the first person to run backstage to be there with me. He held me until paramedics came and keep in mind, this is after not being hugged by him in years. Some sort of divine intervention let my Dad be my Dad for a day.

Another reason, was maybe to open my eyes to the depths of what a tour family bond can mean. I’ve been on quite a few tours now… and never have I felt the unity that this tour has showed me. The tweets and texts came flooding in the night after my accident on stage, offering support and encouragement from the other bands. The very next day, the bands on the tour were wearing white knee braces on their right legs to show support for my return. The bands and crew have gone out of their way to make sure that I am taken care of and watched over. This is a tour full of gentlemen with amazing hearts of solid gold.

On paper and upon first look, this tour shouldn't get along. We are all so musically different. But there are no attitudes, no rockstars, no egos. Everyone is here for one reason, and that is to share their love of music, support fellow musicians and share passion for what they do to a mass of kids who are openly accepting of all of us. Everything from screamo, to goth rock, to dance, to psycho metal… it’s all here, and yet, night after night, each band is received with nothing but welcoming eyes and ears from every kid that walks in the door.

Having done the All The Rage tour last fall with Blood On the Dance Floor, I feel like I have a leg up (no pun intended) on why the Fight To Unite Tour is indeed, united. Blood On The Dance Floor welcomes every single human being walking through the doors of the club with acceptance into their world--a world they created from love and the preaching of acceptance. Unity is not a new concept for Blood On The Dance Floor fans. The air of that openness is taken in by all others walking into the show. NEVER have I been on a tour where someone from every band is now on stage with another band from the tour, every night. William Control sings with Deuce, Deuce sings with Brokencyde, The Bear sings with William, I sing with Deuce.

If more bands took a page out of BOTDF’s book, if all future bands and future tours take note from the attitudes and support from not only BOTDF, but also all the other musicians of this tour, we all just might stand a chance in this industry. alt