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On The Road Again: You Blew It!, Part Three

March 21 2012, 7:00 AM EDT By Bryne Yancey

Orlando, Florida's YOU BLEW IT! (Topshelf Records) just wrapped up a tour of the US as well as a stint at SXSW and has been sending us updates from the road whenever they can find Internet access. Here's the third and final entry. These updates are a collaboration between guitarist/vocalist Tanner Jones and drummer Tim Flynn. The band's Topshelf debut Grow Up, Dude is due out Apr. 24.

Day 12: Day off
Woke up today to a phone call from the mechanic. Van’s fine. Apparently someone put a spark plug in wrong and it burned a hole in a pretty important spot. Turned out to be a $100 mistake. Fuck.

Here’s what the rest of the day looked like: Driving. Driving. Driving. Driving. Driving. Who farted? Driving. Driving. Driving. Driving. Driving. Driving. My mom got us a hotel in Ft. Worth, Texas. She’s the best.

People mostly just asked us where to get the free pickles.

Day 13: Austin, TX  (SXSW Day 1)
Thought: South by Southwest is a pretty fitting name considering its location, but I think a more appropriate name would be something like Where Do I Park My Van? or Thank God We Didn’t Bring A Trailer or Hey Dude I Was Wondering if You Can You Get Me Into the Early November Showcase for Free? All of those would be better, I think.

Anyways, the Topshelf Showcase was today. It was so, so, so rad. Nick and I ate way too many Grillo’s Pickles, and Tim just kept telling us they were gross. Andy was probably somewhere talking about guitar tones. Former Thieves, Jack & Ace, Code Orange Kids, Pswingset, Look Mexico, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, to name a few, killed it too. We played around 8:30 to a crowd way bigger than we would ever have expected. The set went really, really well. Andy played a TON of pinch harmonics. I’m not sure if it’s known by anyone other than Weak Teeth and a group of dudes in Orlando, but we usually play a cover of “King of the Road” by Piebald for some of the people that don’t really know/like our music that well. We’ve been playing it for about a year now, and honestly we’ve probably killed the song just like everyone and their sister killed the “Shit _______s Say” videos, so we were pretty eager to see this thing off. We didn’t plan on playing it this tour, but a couple days into tour we realized that Travis Shettel was opening up the Topshelf showcase. I know that we should have played the totally unimpressed guys in a rock band card, but man, we kind of freaked out. I’m pretty sure I pranced around when Tim told me. Way giddy and brimming with prepubescent giggles, Tim was able to suppress it long enough to coax Travis into singing the cover for us. He said yes. I pranced again.

I should say that people singing along to our own songs was the highlight of that show for me, and it absolutely would have been, but man, we got to be Piebald for roughly three minutes. I messed up the intro though. I never mess up the intro. UGGGGGH. Nerves.

Joking aside, the showcase was incredible. I don’t think I can really express how happy we are to be able to call all of these bands family. These are bands that we were listening to before You Blew It! even got off the ground, and now I get to text them emotobutts (short for “emoticon butts,” it’s going to be a thing. It started here. Write it down.). If this band were to break up the second we finish this tour, I’d be proud to say we made it here. No joke.  (__Y__) Emotobutt.

Day 14: Austin, TX (SXSW Day 2. Day off)
We couldn’t find a showcase to play today. Man, this week’s diary is going to be booorrrrring. We tried getting on the Count Your Lucky Stars Showcase, but Keith wouldn’t let us on because we weren’t a CYLS band or something like that. Dumb, right? Real dumb. I told him that we were boycotting it.

We went to the CYLS showcase at Mellow Mushroom today and it was so cool. Dowsing is the nicest and best band. Innards blew my face off (and the pizza guy was singing along too. He was tossing dough and singing at the same time. Someone give that guy a raise). Two Knights and Empire Empire were somehow way better than the last time I saw them. Weird.

Jack & Ace (Bob Nanna) played this showcase too, and I finally worked up the perfect thing to say to him. His clean tone was incredible considering the kind of guitar he playing, and I was planning the perfect cool guy thing to say to him the entire show. “Hey Bob, that SG’s clean sounds incredible. Really, really great set.” Boom, got it. Their set ended, and as he was breaking down I approached his side of the stage, and I opened my mouth to say what I was totally capable of saying. “Hey Bob, your uh…your um…the…uh, SG. Your SG’s tone doesn’t sound like…I mean…it sounds…it’s not muddy…I like that. Good stet..er, set.” I fucking said “stet.” Tim, Nick, and Andy thought it was hilarious. I woke up that day a man, and went to sleep a babbling child.

Cool shoes

Day 15: Austin, TX (SXSW Day 3)
Austin is hot. I packed way too many long pants. I guess that’s the price you pay to look 100% rock ‘n’ roll 100% of the time. Some people say that pimpin’ ain’t easy, but punkin’ has to be way tougher. It’s way more constricting in the upper thigh area. That’s a fact.

Speaking of fashion, Andy has these shoes that he’s pretty self-conscious about. Every night, as a courtesy to the house and us, he’s been putting them on the porch where theoretically the smell should bother no one. What Andy didn’t know, though, is that Austin is full of goddamn shoe thieves, apparently. Barefoot Andy and we had to start the day off at Urban Outfitters so he could buy the whitest $15 shoes you’ve ever seen. Flashy Andy looked like a walking Miami Vice. Fly.

We were lucky enough to play two showcases today, both of them with Former Thieves and Code Orange Kids again. Brutal. The first one was behind Emo’s at a place called The Collective. We saw a ton of cool bands (Innards and Jowls, especially) and met a ton of people, but I’m an idiot and I forgot their names. The second showcase was weiiiird. We got added on last minute, and All Pigs Must Die was the headliner. If I told you we fit in, I’d be the dirtiest fucking liar and your parents would probably tell you not to hang out with me (please hang out with me). With your fingers, guess how many people watched us. Wait, don’t move. Yeah, you’ve got it. Zero. Zero people. Well, a couple patted me on the back on the way outside, but the sound of growls and pinch harmonics bled through, and I couldn’t tell if they actually liked it or just thought it was cute. We thanked the promoter and loaded out to see Nick getting all mother bear (those are the aggressive ones, right?) on some guy that was getting way too close to our gear. The promoter was charging $10 for admission, so we figured the last thing we should do is ask if we could get $20 for gas. Doesn’t hurt to ask, right? I guess that’s wrong. Homie got moody and told us that our compensation was being able to play. Which IS true, but what I don’t think that guy understood is that we left an Owen set after 2 songs to make it to his club. Does he know who Mike Kinsella is? I don’t think he does. Get hip, dude.

We caught Look Mexico and A Great Big Pile Of Leaves at Mellow Mushroom and honestly they made the night. Tim and I were babies and went to bed. Andy and Nick went to a Narrows and Darkest Hour bridge show with those Code Orange Kids. From what I hear it was either drunk or devastatingly brutal. It was probably both, actually. Cops shut down the show just as Darkest Hour was setting up and Andy was heartbroken. Big guy had a rough day.