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Ronnie Radke vs. Escape The Fate: the scene’s biggest feud and what we learned from it

January 09 2014, 10:30 AM EST By Matt Crane

In 2013, Mabbitt and Radke decided once and for all to bury the hatchet—and in the best way possible. In an exclusive interview with AP, the two singers announced the Bury The Hatchet tour—featuring both bands—and more importantly, that they had finally put the past behind them. “[Craig] hated me because fans were talking shit to him,” Radke told AP. “I realize now I would have reacted the same way! My old band hated me, so he’s on their side. He just joined; what’s he gonna do?”

Looking back, everyone had a role in the feud. The band members were the stars of a reality drama that we couldn’t get enough of. The fans kept the commentary alive with heckling at shows; the media gave the story longevity with headlines and endless interview questions. Now, with the scene’s biggest feud at an end, what did we learn from it all?

Certain personality types will always cause friction; eccentric artists are no exception. Place those personalities in the restricting, sometimes volatile environment of being in a band and clash is often inevitable. Green and Radke were self-admitted enablers, so their temporary separation from one another may have actually been a positive thing that led to their current sobriety. Had Radke not been kicked out of Escape The Fate, who knows where those two would have ended up? For Mabbitt and Radke, in their positions, clash was unavoidable. But their ability to reconcile proves that forgiveness is almost always possible—even when the very idea of forgiveness seems laughable. Once the haze of the drama had cleared, it seemed the band members were able to have a little more perspective on why things went the way they did; rather than just casting blame on one another.

Forgiveness is perhaps the biggest lesson to be learned from this whole conflict. The ability of scorned band members to forgive is one thing, but the ability of divided fans to drop the hate and forgive is another. Since the announcement of the Bury The Hatchet tour, the fan banter that was once so vicious has largely died down. It seems that if the musicians lead by example, the fans will follow their path of forgiveness as quickly as they followed their charge into the feud. There’s no question that the conflict put a strain on the bands’ relationship with their fans—sometimes openly hostile at shows. But it’s possible that all of this actually helped the careers of Falling In Reverse and Escape The Fate.

At the height of their feud, both bands sold an impressive amount of records, and the tension of it all had fans on a new level of engagement. Or maybe the fans had finally grown tired of it all, and the bands got over their feud at just the right time. Regardless, the fans could have called it quits and left at anytime, but they never did. The loyalty of fans was the glue that held the music together. Maybe the Bury The Hatchet tour is the reward that fans get for sticking along throughout the entirety of this wild ride—and maybe it’s the reward they deserve. The response to the tour has been overwhelmingly positive. In the end, the tour and the forgiveness proved to be exactly what fans wanted all along.

The Bury The Hatchet Tour is set to begin this month, and after reliving the drama of their fiery feud and all that it’s taught us, it’s easy to see why this tour is such a big deal. For the fans, it’s a chance to see a reunion of friends and musicians that, a few years ago, would have been dismissed as impossible—and dangerous. It looks be a landmark tour that closes the book on a once-great feud. But, honestly, with these two bands under the same roof, there’s no telling what will actually happen. ALT

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