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Track By Track: The Maine

December 23 2010, 7:00 AM EST By

Guitarist KENNEDY BROCK reveals the stories behind each song on THE MAINE’s In Darkness And In Light EP. The collection of B-sides and previously unreleased versions will be available as an iTunes exclusive bundle along with a short film, In Darkness And In Light, on Dec. 29.

Untangle Me (B-side)
When we were in the studio [recording Black & White], we went back and forth deciding whether or not to put this song on the album. We finally came to the conclusion that it could stand out better with this group of songs.

Free (home recording)
This song was written early on, and by the time we got to the recording of Black & White, it was lost in the shuffle behind some later songs.

Book Of Me And You (home recording)
We had a hard time deciding the fate of this song as well. This is the first song I’ve done back-up vocals for on a recording. 

Whoever She Is (home recording)
We changed this song from acoustic to a full-band version of the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop recording. We originally wrote this version for our live set.

Growing Up (live acoustic)
We wanted to record a song with all of the children in our short film. They all did a great job learning the lyrics and singing with us!

Washroom Color (new version)
This version was a spur of the moment decision, and it was recorded very quickly with little attention to it being "messy.”

Saving Grace (take two)
A song can sometimes have two lives, and we wanted to show where else this song could go. There was a lot of thought put into making this song feel completely different from the first version. alt