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Track By Track: While She Sleeps, ‘This Is The Six’

November 05 2012, 11:00 AM EST By Cassie Whitt

British band While She Sleeps release their new album, This Is The Six, tomorrow (November 6) in North America through The End Records. The band members came together to compile this run-down of the meaning behind each song on the new album.

"Dead Behind The Eyes"
This song is about our views on the country we live in, and the greed and suffering that surrounds us in day-to-day life. We live in a busy place, things change constantly around us, and it's troubling to see how a decline in respect is happening all around us.

"False Freedom"
In this song, we talk about our views on religion, living under constraints and how easy it is to be ordered. It's our way of saying. Be who you actually want to be and decide for yourself about the life you lead.

"Satisfied in Suffering"
This song is about the life we have. We've all given a lot to build this band, and it's more than just music to us. We talk about the ups, the downs and the sacrifices you have to make. It's a different way of living compared to what we are surrounded by.

"Seven Hills"
Being in a band has given us all the opportunity visit some insane places, and we have met so many amazing people through being in While She Sleeps. We talk about how families and friends are a huge part of life. This is our way of saying thanks to those around us.

"Our Courage, Our Cancer"
This song is about our families and those we care about around us. It's a song about hope, strength and getting through tough situations. Everyone has pain and everybody suffers. But when you need it most, your family and friends are there to support you.

"The Chapel"
This piece of music is about the recording process and the time we spent making this record. It's also a chance to take a breath in the album and take in the sounds, words and messages we present.

This song is about the world we live in. We talk about our views on religion and government. We are trying to make people think for themselves. Don't follow--decide for yourself what's right and wrong.

"Until The Death"
This song is about growing up and the choice we all made that got us to where we are today. It's not easy deciding what you want to be when you're young. This is the story of how the choices we made got us to where we are today.

"Love at War"
This song talks about being grateful for what our forefathers did in the the war. It's about respecting our elders who were involved in the tragedies and not treating them like they're worthless. It also compares them to youth today and how if they were faced with the same issues, they wouldn't step up to the plate. The message is: Have fun, live free, but have respect.

"The Plague of a New Age"
This song is basically giving the same message as "Love at War," but it sways more to the side of the youth in our nation and the lack of respect they give.

This ending piano piece sums up everything in our lives to this point. It reflects on The North Stands for Nothing [our previous release] and the contrast between it and This Is The Six and everything we've experienced.