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Top 10 Etsy Halloween costumes that will make you stand out this season

Channel some of your favorite bands, movies and more this year.

October 24, 2019
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Halloween is just around the corner, and finding a costume can be one of the most fun and stressful parts of the spooky holiday. There’s a lot of pressure to have a creative Halloween costume that no one else is wearing and that’s totally on-point so people understand what you’re supposed to be. 

If you’re obsessed with having a unique costume this year, look no further than Etsy for some of the best handmade and vintage costumes you can find. We’ve created a list of 10 of the best Halloween costumes we found on the online retailer to give you some inspiration before Oct. 31 rolls around. You can see what they are below. 

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1. This one-piece that turns you into a Game Of Thrones creepy corpse – $129.99
game of the thrones costume

[Photo via Etsy]

Halloween is right around the corner, but winter is coming. Resurrect your deadly side with this corpse creature one-piece known as a wight to show off your undying love for Game Of Thrones. Whether you pull it together with a full frozen skeleton face or wear it alone, “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

2. An amazing suit inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas $106.19
jack skellington halloween costume

[Photo via Etsy]

We all need this amazing Jack Skellington suit to embody the iconic character from one of our favorite films of all time, The Nightmare Before Christmas. It comes with a coat, pants and bow tie, making it a total statement piece that no one else will have. 

3. This tattoo set so you can channel Post Malone – $25
post malone costume

[Photo via Etsy]

This set comes complete with 40 tattoos that will transform you into the “Goodbyes” rapper. All you will need is a man bun and a can of Bud Light in your hand at all times, and you’ll be the life of the Halloween party as Post Malone

4. A timely Joker suit straight from the film – $150.39-200 
joker halloween costume

[Photo via Etsy]

This costume is straight out of Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. It features the iconic red suit complete with an orange vest and green shirt. Also, the seller offers an eerie green wig to take your villain costume to the next level. 

5. Enter the Black Parade with this perfect My Chemical Romance-inspired outfit –$80 
my chemical romance halloween costume

[Photo via Etsy]

This handmade item looks straight out of the MCR music video for “Welcome To The Black Parade.” It features the iconic gold detailing that’s so on-point, people will ask you if Gerard Way let you borrow it for Halloween. 

6. An Ursula suit that multiplies your legs by four – $60-110 
ursula little mermaid

[Photo via Etsy]

Honor The Little Mermaid villain with this costume complete with purple tentacles that make you look like you came from under the sea. Take it a step further by teasing your hair and throwing on a serious cat eye and a red lipstick. 

7. This Pennywise suit that will have people fleeing from you all night – $61.89
pennywise it halloween costume

[Photo via Etsy]

This costume looks straight out of It Chapter Two in the most horrifying way possible. It also comes with a mask of Pennywise that’s nearly too realistic. There’s honestly no scarier costume on Earth than this, so you need to wear it this year. 

8. A regal Maleficent dress with a set of sinister horns – $139.11
maleficent costume

[Photo via Etsy]

Maleficent herself would even be shook by this spot-on replica. It’s such an amazing rendition of the evil queen’s iconic dress that it will probably impress people enough to give you extra candy while trick-or-treating this year. 

9. A mermaid costume that makes you look Ariel-level legit – $37.38-50.07

[Photo via Etsy]

Speaking of The Little Mermaid, this glittery mermaid tail will make you look ready to dive in the ocean. This costume is a classic, but this handmade item takes it to the next level to set you apart from the other fish in the sea.

10. This costume that will make a child in your life a real-world Chucky doll – $49.50
childs play chucky

[Photo via Etsy]

If you love horror movies, you need to dress up a kid in your life in this perfect costume that looks right out of Child’s Play. You will definitely freak out all the kids in the neighborhood if you walk around with an exact Chucky replica while collecting candy this year.

Written by Alex Darus