The winter blues strike hard in Everyone Leaves' latest single, “Seasonal Affective.”

The latest release from the Columbus, OH alternative band comes from a personal place, says guitarist and singer Jacob Bialosky, who has suffered from seasonal affective disorder since his childhood.

“With winter approaching, I wanted to put out a song that was, lyrically, an affirmation to myself that I could hold everything together and be there for someone else, laid over an instrumental akin to the calm I felt in the times I'd allow myself to hide in my room all day,” says Bialosky.

“Seasonal Affective” features pro-mental health lyrics such as “I won't let this winter break me” and “I'll be the calm and steady shoulder for you to rest your head,” thrown over a rumbly band backing.

The song's release comes in the middle of Everyone Leaves' current Midwest tour, which includes shows with the Tiny Ugly Germs, Human After All, Debris and the Language. Check out the song below, and leave your thoughts in the comments!