All Time Low kicked off the Back To The Future Hearts tour with support from Sleeping With Sirens, Neck Deep and ONE OK ROCK earlier this month, but that isn’t the only thing the headliners have been up to in October. Head below to review your favorite moments and catch up on the ones you may have missed.

Oct. 1, 6:01 p.m.: Rian Dawson lends his drumming skills to the upcoming Andy Black record.

Andy Biersack has been hard at work on his debut solo album, and he enlisted the help of Dawson on a few tracks with the producer John Feldmann (5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low) at the controls. Dawson recently signed to Self Titled Management as a producer, so it looks like he will be gracing more artists with his presence on other projects in the near future.

Oct. 1, 6:36 p.m.: Dawson taunts Biersack with a football reference

Clearly the duo hit it off enough to discuss their hometown teams the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals. You know, because rivalries.

Oct. 2, 10:19 a.m.: Full Frontal goes live and in-person

Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat’s live Idobi radio-show-turned-podcast is taking the beauty of their onstage banter, and just cutting away the performance. Think of it as a warm-up to prepare you for the full show.

Oct. 2, 4:41 p.m.: Gaskarth talks to MTV about being part of ABC Family movie Fan Girl

The band announced in September that they would be involved in the project, but Gaskarth gave all the details you’d been waiting for: how it was inspired by the screenwriter’s real-life fan girl daughter to how important Cartwheel and Instee (stand-ins for Tumblr and Instagram) are in this movie’s pop-punk scene.



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Oct. 3, 1:05 a.m.: Jack’s Night Out

Barakat embraced the blurry, drunk night out photo-op in a bar he owns and then did the only logical thing by then posting it to social media for all to see.

Oct. 3, 8:26 p.m.: Fan Boy(s)
Meg Ryan plays the mom of a fan girl in the ABC Family flick featuring the band, and it appears the guys are fans, too.

Oct. 3, 9 p.m.: Fan Girl premieres on ABC Family
Don Draper’s daughter ditched the shift dresses and go-go boots for Glamour Kills tees … and a dress … and a crew neck. Kiernan Shipka channeled all of our 15-year-old selves in this real life portrayal of Tumblr fandom as an aspiring filmmaker just trying to get the attention of her #MCM.

Oct. 5, 6:04 a.m.: “Weightless” is nominated for “Greatest 21st Century Rock Anthem”
The leading single from 2009’s Nothing Personal is up against the likes of A Day To Remember, Blink-182, Bring Me The Horizon, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, You Me At Six and many more for MTV Rocks’ Rocktober-inspired contest.

Oct. 5, 10:37 a.m.:  You’re a wizard, Jack.

The band’s first stop on the Back To The Future Hearts tour was Orlando, Florida and it was destined to be magical before they ever hit the stage.

Oct. 5, 1:24 p.m.: The band post a time lapse video of their gear being packed up for tour

I’m sure the internet has never been more stoked about boxes being loaded into a Rockstar Energy Drink truck than right now.

Oct. 5, 1:43 p.m.: Barakat is a tease

We’re all clearly going for the dance moves, right?

Oct. 7, 3:29 p.m.: Gaskarth murders his laptop
Apparently it was Tipsy Tuesday in the Gaskarth household.

@riandawson: the world’s fastest drummer. #rehearsals #backtothefuturehearts

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Oct 8, 5:48 p.m.: Dawson is the world’s fastest drummer

If this is just rehearsals, we can’t wait to see the live show (because clearly there was no editing in the making of this video).

Oct. 9, 7:31 a.m.: The guys announce their performance at BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards

They’ll be hitting the stage with 5 Seconds Of Summer Nov. 8 at The SSE Arena in Wembley, which is basically every pop-punk fan’s dream.

Oct. 9, 9:15 p.m.: The Back To The Future Hearts tour kicks off in Orlando.

All Time Low hit the road with Sleeping With Sirens, Neck Deep and ONE OK ROCK—a lineup guaranteed to fill venues with hordes of screaming fans.

Oct. 9, 7:14 p.m.: On Fridays, we wear grey

Did Kellin Quinn and Gaskarth call each other ahead of time to color coordinate their skinny jeans for this tour video…or did it just work out that way?

Oct. 10, 12:07 a.m.: Barakat divulges a big tour secret

There will be a lot of profanity. The fans are shocked.

Oct. 10, 12:31 a.m.: Let them eat cake

The University of Central Florida’s CFE Arena gave the guys a DeLorean!

…just kidding. But it looks pretty good in cake form, eh? 

Oct. 11, ?:?? p.m.: Jack twerks
Barakat gave Miley Cyrus a run for her money on the Charlotte, North Carolina, stop of the tour. The only difference obviously being that she had a foam finger and he had a guitar to balance.

Oct. 12, 1:49 p.m.: Full Frontal’s fifth season kicks off

Gaskarth and Barakat’s podcast has the duo playing chubby bunny within the first few minutes of its season five premiere. Clearly we’re all in for an interesting season.

Oct. 13, 12:36 p.m.: Let me see your grill
Dawson shows off his pearly whites in front of the Ascend Ampitheater in his soon-to-be hometown.

Oct. 14, 12:10 p.m.: Party like a pugstar

Apparently when Doug The Pug isn’t too busy recreating old Fall Out Boy videos, he hangs out with 50 percent of All Time Low (and is so not amused by the possibility of being licked).

Full Frontal Live at the @improvhouston — they’ve got the essentials.

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Oct. 16, 1:17 p.m.: Welcome to Houston
For a band who love onstage dick joke banter, this was almost too perfect of a dressing room setup for their first live Full Frontal performance.

Oct. 19, 12:09 p.m.: Oiled Up

The first episode of Full Frontal Live is posted for everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to see Barakat, Gaskarth and Dawson drink mimosas and talk in-person at the Improv in Houston.

Oct. 19, 3:31 p.m.: Genres collide

Country star (and former Hey Monday vocalist) Cassadee Pope posed with the band at a recent tour stop. She’s been dating our sweetheart Dawson for a few years, but it still feels like 2009 all over again.

Oct. 20, 11:39 a.m.: Barakat and Dawson have a hearty breakfast

It looks like downing mimosas before Full Frontal Live is going to become a trend on this tour.

Good morning Arizona

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Oct. 20, 11:56 a.m.: Front-facing phenomenon
SPOTTED: A rare Zack Merrick Instagram selfie in his natural habitat.

Heading to the Tempe Imrov #FullFrontalLive #Uber

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Oct 20, 2015 at 2:46 p.m.: Hotline Bling
Apparently Gaskarth gets down to Drake from the back of Uber cars. The more you know.

Oct. 22, 3:00 p.m.: Gaskarth (thinks he and) Dawson are gettin’ cozy
However, Dawson looks straight-up terrified.

Oct. 23, 8:37 a.m.: Dawson talks sports

That hometown pride clearly runs deep.

Oct. 23, 11:14 a.m.: Gaskarth is a proud co-writer

5 Seconds Of Summer’s second full-length, Sounds Good Feels Good, hit the physical and digital shelves, and Gaskarth was quick to support with a shameless plug of the track he co-wrote. Because that’s what Twitter is for, right?

Oct. 23, 2:24 p.m.: ATL, 5SOS and a pop-punk photo-op
I’m assuming this is the equivalent of girls calling each other “bitch” and “slut” in that sarcastically endearing way.

Fuck yeah ALL TIME LOW

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Oct. 23, 11:18 p.m.: Michael Clifford jumps on stage in Los Angeles
The 5 Seconds Of Summer guitarist hit the stage with the guys at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall for “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” Clifford joins the hallowed likes of Aaron Gillespie at Warped Tour 2009 and Set It Off’s Cody Carson when it comes to making a live cameo on the long-standing set closer.


Los Angeles ARE YOU FUCKING READY @alexalltimelow @kellinquinn @10969taka #backtothefutureheartstour

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Oct 23, 11:30 p.m.: Frontmen and Feldmann

Gaskarth joins Quinn and ONE OK ROCK’s Taka for a prime selfie shot with producer John Feldmann at the Los Angeles stop of the Back To The Future Hearts tour. Move over, Ellen. Your Oscar selfie has nothing on this.

Oct. 24, 12:00 p.m.: All Time Low wins Greatest 21st Century Rock Anthem

Thanks to MTV and their Rocktober contest, now we know “Weightless” is the best rock anthem. The pop-punkers beat out former tourmates such as Pierce The Veil and Fall Out Boy for the fan-voted honor.

RIAN SMASH. �� @thomasfalcone

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Oct 26, 9:55 p.m.: Dawson channels the Hulk

We’re imagining he turned green and completely damaged his clothes and drum kit immediately following this shot.

Met my #1 fan yesterday at our after show meet and greet!! 😀

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Oct. 27, 9:31 p.m.: Dawson meets his No. 1 fan
She even has the shirt to prove it.



Oct. 29, 11:46 a.m.: Gaskarth is SO good at sleeping in
In case you were wondering—because that’s obviously some need-to-know information.


Oct. 29, 12:14 p.m.: Tour busses can get spooky too
Tis the season for cobwebs and severed hands.


Oct. 29, 5:26 p.m.: Barakat votes
twenty one pilots held their own hilarious version of a political debate, and Barakat put his two cents in because obviously the winner should be comfortable with Snapchatting his entire life story.


It’s Aloha Friday on tour today! Also yes I do realize nothing on my outfit has ANYTHING to do with Hawaii ����

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Aloha Friday! �� @thomasfalcone

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Oct. 30, 2:17 p.m.:  Apparently it was “Aloha Friday”

A.k.a. “dress like a dad trying to be hip on a Hawaiian getaway” day.