Pinsky's Losing Touch is out on July 5 via Sinking Ship Records, but you can enjoy an exclusive stream of the album until the release date right here at Of the album, band members Peter Vachon and Jeffrey Roberts say:

The past three years since Two for the Road was released have been filled with so many stepping stones (both heartaches and high points) that it would be hard not to represent them on the next batch of songs.  We get so absorbed in the band and our jobs, and one of the biggest things we've felt is the distance from all our friends, who week after week support us, but whom we rarely get a chance to see in person or hang out with. One of the themes we wanted to convey with this record was the undying desire to live life for what it is, and to appreciate those around you, for as long as you have them.

The recording of the album itself was a hurdle; a hallway constantly getting longer as we neared the end.  With each challenge, we had to reset and start over, seriously delaying the time of release. In the end though, since we recorded the album ourselves, we had amazing control over the process and timelines.  We're by no means seasoned studio professionals, but the result is the truest representation of our band.  We're extremely proud of this album and we hope you enjoy it as well.”

Order the album here! The band will be doing two release shows, on Saturday, July 9, at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn with Punchline, Bright & Early and Gates, and on Saturday, July 23, in Portland, Maine.