Check out this exclusive stream of “Wonderland” off I See Stars' new album, The End Of The World Party, out Feb. 22 on Sumerian. Vocalist Devin Oliver explains the story behind the song:

“Someone once told me to never love a lonely heart, because they want the most. This song is about putting your heart out there to someone, even if you've lost faith in love in the past. And waiting for them to come around, until you are literally pulling your hair out. But some girls are reassured by stress, they see genuine care in worry. Its a very carnivorous way of love. The kind you need to run from even if there's comfort in it. The title for the song was given before we ever wrote lyrics. It's really based off the tone of the music, and how melodic and angelic the guitar part is. But furthermore, this song ultimately comes to the conclusion that moving on and getting on with your life is the best revenge. Nothing gets to someone more than a happy fucking life.”