[Editor’s note: Grieves and Budo are currently on their first headlining tour. They’ll be checking in from the road periodically. Here’s the first installment. Check out all of their tour dates here!]

One of the strangest peripheral effects of touring during a change in season is that you get to experience the shift in climate and scenery multiple times. We left late fall in Minneapolis, encountered the rainy season in Cleveland, felt a surge of Indian summer in Lawrence, KS, and saw snow for the first time in six months on our way to Durango. All within the span of a week. Touring during this time of the year is akin to putting on a pair of those slideshow goggles we used to wear as kids and toggling back and forth between different scenes, from snowy mountains, to packed sweaty clubs, to gas station dinner stops, to hotel check-in desks, and back again.

Thankfully, our slides have been filled with support and incredible shows, the chance to meet fans across the country, and see our audiences assemble as an awesome collection of people from tours gone by, folks we met while on the road with the Cunninlynguists, with P.O.S., with Atmosphere, on the Warped Tour, and all stops in between. Even better, we continue to be surprised. Billings, Montana produced one of the wildest and most supportive audiences we've ever seen, marking it as a town that we will certainly continue to visit in the future. Omaha, Nebraska was amazing, with folks turning out to the Waiting Room in a way that we've never seen before despite repeated visits to that city.

Most incredible, however, was the overwhelming support we experienced throughout the state in Colorado. Selling out three straight shows in Denver, Fort Collins, and Durango looks good on paper, but the real emotional connection to a growing movement of people that are supporting us there is the real prize. Colorado, we love you. Fuck it, we love all of you that have come to a show, stopped by the merch table, shook our hand, told a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend. Thank you.

Show madness not withstanding, there's been a fair amount of life madness as well. Riding copper buffalo like kings in downtown Omaha, unspeakable acts in Lawrence, and some creative re-decorating at a liquor store in Durango…we're not working too hard out here. Just hard enough.
The next few weeks will see us heading into the Southwest through Salt Lake City, New Mexico, and Arizona, before moving solidly into California, taking us into the home stretch of this particular leg of the tour. Let's party!