10 expensive merch items you might actually want, but can’t afford

December 28, 2017
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[Photo by: Foo Fighters]

The items on this list are ones that not only sit pretty on the higher end of the price range—but also are just plain ridiculous. From expensive-as-hell My Chemical Romance action figures to a KISS pinball machine, sure, we’d love everything on this list, but for now we’ll just consider this a completely unattainable wishlist.

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My Chemical Romance action heroes set — $150-$1,995.95

MCR action figures

How much do you want these?! A limited set of our favorite emo heroes styled after the “I’m Not Okay” video, these figures are fully poseable and were first made available back in 2005—including a super-rare zombie variation that was randomly inserted into batches. Back in the day, these weren’t overly expensive; but since MCR parted ways, the price of these has been driven up, and you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $150 for just one figure. Most readily available online, if you look hard enough, the only thing stopping us from owning the whole bunch is the need for rent—and food.

KISS pinball machine — $11,995

KISS pinball

It wouldn’t be a merch list without something KISS affiliated. Their webstore is rife with just about anything you can imagine. It was a tough call between the inflatable, stand-up paddle board and this pinball machine, but this list is about excess, so if you have an extra 12 grand, get yourself a limited edition KISS pinball machine.

blink-182 reunion bunnies — $30-$282

Blink-182 bunnies

The original mascot for blink-182 was resurrected back in 2009 when the pop-punk trio returned to us post-hiatus. To celebrate this, a lot of bunnies were available for sale in various limited iterations—from Christmas metallic versions to a massive 15-foot version. eBay is rife with them, ranging in size and price from $30 to $282, but we all know the 15-foot bunny is where it’s at.

Foo Fighters tea set — $249.99

Foo Fighters tea set

For the Anglophiles amongst you, what better way to mix your love of Britain and music than this Foo Fighters tea set. This item was previously only available at their pop-up pub in London this summer, but now you can grab this beautifulif a bit expensiveset online.  

Iron Maiden/Bruce Dickinson pilot watch — $892

Iron Maiden watch

Another legendary metal band with high-price items and also just about anything you can think of, including a mascot Eddie door knocker. But the highest-priced item they stock is this watch. Coming in at just shy of $900, it’s limited to 666 pieces and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Bruce Dickinson himself. It also comes with a few extra straps, because you’re never too rock ’n’ roll to be stylish.  


Written by Steven Loftin