The Rolling Stones, No Filter logo leather jacket — $685

The Rolling Stones jacket

Of course the Rolling Stones have a leather jacket that tops out at nearly $700. Featuring their classic logo on the back, it’s pretty good-looking to be fair, but that’s a hell of a lot of gig tickets for one jacket.

Paramore T-shirt blanket — $150

Paramore t-shirt blanket

This one is a pretty clever idea for any old band shirts you might have lying about that no longer fit or are unwearable. Fueled By Ramen and Paramore did the hard work for you and created this really cool, custom-made blanket. Made up of a bunch of Paramore shirts from over the years, no two blankets are the same. They only made 200, which means they may be a bit more expensive now, and considering its original price, this could be quite a chunk of change.  

Metallica sterling silver ring — $300

Metallica ring

Alternative jewelry is always pretty cool, and this sterling ring from metal behemoths Metallica is no exception. Though, we will say $300 is quite steep for a ring…

Green Day mask bundle — $120

Green Day masks

There are some bands you’d expect to find masks for—and Green Day might not be one of them. At $120 for all three, you can live out your wildest onstage fantasies while switching between Billie Joe, Mike and Tré. You’d probably want to put them in the closet at night, though; they do look a bit creepy.

Alice Cooper personalized plaque — $600

Alice Cooper plaque

Usually items like this are cheap replicas for sale on eBay that make decent enough presents for the fan in your life. What we have here, however, is a 100 percent official plaque with 24 Alice Cooper album covers on display.