20 fall candles you need to add to your collection immediately

We think it’s safe to say that fall is pretty much the best season. The outdoors is colorful, there are pumpkin and apple flavored things everywhere and, most importantly, it’s the spookiest time of the year.

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The perfect way to set the fall mood in your house is by burning candles every second possible. We’ve found 20 perfect fall candle scents that range from festive to spooky that you can burn all fall long.

Bath and Body Works “Vampire Blood” — $24.50

A must-have Halloween staple that we would probably burn all year long.

DW Home “Warm Tobacco Pipe” — $12

This scent is reminiscent of the woods in the fall and the leather jackets we sport daily. It’s a necessity.

Rustic Sugar Creek Co. “Cinnamon Pumpkin Cheesecake” — $13.99+

This scent is good enough to eat, but you shouldn’t (obviously). It will probably make you hungry if you burn it in your home, so fair warning.

Bath and Body Works “Autumn” — $24.50

It’s a classic. It smells like the woods, apples and everything we love about fall.

The Candleberry Company “Hot Maple Toddy” — $24.99

This candle has every fall scent you could ever want—honey, maple sugar, cinnamon, vanilla andbourbon.

The Cheeky Nose “The Coven Witch Candle” — $14.50

A handmade witch candle that smells like black currant and saffron? This is magic.

Archipelago “Black Forest” soy candle — $32

Not only does this candle smell amazing, but it will look super spooky in your home, too.

Yankee Candle “Pumpkin Butter” — $29.99

This candle has a wood wick, so it will crackle like a fire and release the amazing smell of pumpkin butter.

Bath and Body Works “Leaves” — $24.50

The three wicks on this candle make it cast the warmest glow possible while filling your space with the classic fall smell.

Pleasant Farms Candle “Mulled Cider” — $10.99

This handmade candle pays homage to the best beverage of the fall—cider. It smells like apples, cinnamon, maple syrup and allspice. Is your mouth watering, too?