Each week during their current U.S. headlining tour, one member of Falling In Reverse—AP #284’s cover stars, of course—will be answering questions from fans. How can you submit one? It’s easy! Be sure to “like” AP’s official Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled for a status update every Friday, in which we will ask fans for their input. The best ones will be sent along to the band to answer.

This week, drummer Ryan Seaman faced up to a tough line of questioning. His answers are below.

Victoria Schmidt asks:
How did you begin drumming? What got you inspired?

My dad showed me this movie when I was five years old called A Hard Day’s Night. It was this movie that the Beatles made, this black and white movie. I remember seeing Ringo [Starr] up on a huge riser, playing for a lot of screaming girls, and I remember from that day on I wanted to be a drummer, I was always drumming on things all the time. That's what first started it for me.

Daisha Begaye asks:
What's your favorite thing about being in a band?

I've been playing in bands for more than half my life. I'd say that my favorite thing is getting to play in front of deserving crowds and playing my ass off and showing people the hard work come to life. I also love being on the road with my friends and experiencing things I wouldn't normally at home, and getting to catch up with friends in different cities. That's what makes being in a band rewarding for me.

Diana Idonthaveamiddlename Carrillo says:
What inspired you to eat pizza (like a boss) on the “I'm Not a Vampire” music video?

I was actually eating a pizza in the shot before they started shooting, I was just going to finish it really quickly, and then before I could get rid of it, Ronnie said, “No, dude, you need to eat the pizza in the video. It'll be funny as hell; just stare into the camera and don't crack a smile.” So I did!

Caroline Funyun Richstein says:
A drummer has to have a lot of stamina and strength to be a professional drummer because just a 90-minute set can raise your heartbeat to 190 beats per minute. So when you started playing drums, we're there ways you practiced to gain the stamina and strength? Or did you gain it all by purely drumming? By the way, how old were you when you started?

Honestly for me, I started and tried playing to really fast punk rock records when I was in seventh grade to gain my speed. I used to come home everyday from school and try to drum along to MXPX's record Life In General. Everything from that to Pennywise, NOFX, Suicide Machines, Strung Out, etc.—I thought it was the fastest thing ever, and only with one pedal! I grew up on punk music; basically, if Epitaph/FatWreck/Lookout!/Hopeless put it out, I had to have it and tried playing along to those records. There were exercises I would do to increase my speed, as well as running, eating healthy and wearing 2.5-5 pound ankle weights when I was learning double bass. I started really drumming when I was 8.

Alex Hall says:
What is it like being a drummer for a band who has a lot of hype for being so new to the scene?

Well, every night I feel like we have to live up to the “hype.” Sometimes it's a lot of pressure, because I try being a perfectionist and want it to sound like the CD, while putting on a show that isn't boring.  For me, I have to go see a band now before I judge if I like them, because everyone and their mom has the ability to sound good in a studio now.

Stephanie Marteaux asks:
Choose one word to describe each band member, including yourself.

Ronnie: Talented
Jacky: Shredder 
Derek: Solid 
Ryan: Comical 
Ron: Grounded

Maritza Radke says:
Why don't you have any tattoos? Or do you have any that are hidden?

I don't have any tattoos because everyone else has them. Actually, I really want to get a Beatles sleeve someday. But I'll wait.

Lauren Stickney asks:
Superman or Batman?


Katie Braune asks:
What is your favorite color?


Asher Davis says:
Dear Ryan,
I'm having the toughest time right now. Should I buy regular Captain Crunch or Peanut Butter Crunch? Or perhaps even Crunchberries?

Captain Crunch will cut the roof of your mouth open. I think you should just stick with Life cereal. 

Vincent Ceraso asks:
Who are your favorite bands?

They always change, because I like so many things, but here they are for now: The Bronx, Glassjaw, Saves The Day, MxPx, letive., Refused, Green Day, The Beatles.