During their recent U.S. headlining tour, the members of Falling In Reverse—AP #284’s cover stars, of course—answered questions from fans. This week, guitarist Jacky Vincent faced up to a tough line of questioning. His answers are below. If you missed drummer Ryan Seaman's answers or guitarist Derek Jones' answers, click right on their names!

Adan Vazquez
Who's your favorite guitarist?

Paul Gilbert is my number one favorite guitar player because he sounds so aggressive and full of attitude. Jason Becker, Steve Vai, Michael Angelo Batio and Vinnie Moore are also favorites of mine.

Jesse Caron
How long have you been playing guitar?

On and off for around 17 years, I think. I can't really remember. I started getting serious at around 15 years old and really knew it's what I wanted to do.

Judith Duven
Is there a difference between touring in the States and Europe? If so, which continent do you prefer?

In the U.K., I never did anything like what Falling in Reverse is doing now. But I can't wait for us to tour Europe. Then I'll really be able to answer that question.

Kylee Luther-Gates
Who was your inspiration as a child?

My dad and my brother were a big inspiration and taught me guitar when I was a kid, but I really wanted to learn because I loved Guns N’ Roses and Slash. I also had Surfing With The Alien by Joe Satriani, which really got me into guitar.

What band would you want to tour with?
Iron Maiden.

Sydney Dixon
Since you were a huge fan of Escape The Fate with Ronnie before you joined Falling in Reverse, what's it like working with someone you were a fan of?

At first it was kind of surreal, but now we have a great chemistry with making music. I guess I don't really think about it anymore

Alex Hall
How long have you been playing Jackson guitars, and what models do you own?

Been playing Jacksons my whole life, and I own a Dinky and two Soloists.

Kennedy Albright
If you weren't in Falling In Reverse, what do you think you'd be doing?


Kaitlyn Jozefiak
What's the best fan experience you've ever had? Do fans chasing you ever bother you?

Fans never bother me! Everyone’s always really cool and welcoming. The best fan experience for me was when kids were chanting my name before we went on stage at Warped Tour, and they did it on this tour outside the bus.

Melanie Zavala
If you could be in any other band which band would it be?

Racer X

Lacey Creaton
Beside playing guitar and being in a band, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I kind of keep myself to myself. I don't really see anyone.

Nicolette Sloan
Who taught you guitar, and if you learned yourself, how long did it take you to learn it?

A lot of different people. It's been probably 17 years, and I'm still learning. I'll never stop learning

Carmen Trujillo
Now that you are in a band playing the best solos, what is your next goal in life?

To become a better musician. I want to be an artist and paint, and I want to score movies and video games.