Famous Last Words: 13 Broken-Up Bands’ Final Messages

January 29, 2014
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8. My Chemical Romance
Last words: “‘Cause it makes me who I am/Who I am.”
Song: “Burn Bright”

MCR would never compromise who they were. The band always had strong sense purpose and identity. They would simply not move forward with new music unless it was true to who they were.

“Burn Bright” is from the band’s Conventional Weapons compilation.

9. The Academy Is…
Last words: “I've found that skeletons grow stronger when kept in the rearview.”
Song: “In The Rearview”

This one’s easy: The band had become a skeleton of its former self, so they were leaving it behind, and as a result, the band’s legacy would remain strong. Maybe? Yes?

“In The Rearview” is from the band’s 2009 EP, Lost In Pacific Time.

10. The Chariot
Last words: “Now that we have painted faith, shout, 'Victory is ours!'”
Song: “Cheek”

Coming from the Chariot, it’s easy to take these lyrics as a victorious sign-off. The lyrics are part of a very heavy, slow, dragged-out and epic ending to the song. It just sounds like they wanted to go out with a bang.

“Cheek” is from 2012’s One Wing.

11. Thrice
Last words: “Now that you have been disarmed, we will cross over unharmed.”
Song: “Disarmed”

These words give the band a proper death in lyrics—crossing over like some sort of spirit unharmed.

“Disarmed” is from Major/Minor, which was released in 2011.

12. Thursday
Last words: “Whatever else you do, stay true.”
Song: “Stay True”

For a band who may have struggled with identity at one point or another, staying true is an appropriate final message to their fans. Maybe breaking up was necessary for the band to stay true to themselves.

“Stay True” is from 2011’s No Devolución.

13. A Rocket To The Moon
Last words: “I swore I’d never let you go.”
Song: “While The World Let Go”

Maybe the world had let go of the band, but the members had sworn they would never let go, and this final message is the band realizing they had broken a promise to themselves.

“While The World Let Go” was a bonus track on 2013’s Wild & Free.

Written by Matt Crane