Good friends, great music and vintage amps: These are the things that matter to heartland rockers LIMBECK.

Interview: Leslie Simon

Limbeck have come a long way, and not just in terms of the miles they’ve logged during three years of relentless touring (we’d guess around 250,000). The band’s ever-evolving style-more akin to the CDs you’d find in your parents’ classic-rock collection than to your kid sister’s MTV-damaged playlist-represents a different sort of journey for this Orange County, California quartet.

But no matter what it says on the odometer, or how “uncool” they may appear to trendier listeners, Limbeck-singer/guitarist Robb MacLean, guitarist/singer Patrick Carrie, bassist Justin Entsminger and drummer Matt Stephens-keep on keeping on, much like the beloved ’91 Honda they sing about on their latest album, Let Me Come Home. With influences ranging from the Replacements to Gram Parsons, Limbeck worked with producer Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) to craft a collection of songs inspired by and extracted from the experiences the band had while touring alongside friends such as Motion City Soundtrack, the All-American Rejects and Steel Train. Some moments happened in the van (“Home (Is Where The Van Is)”); others went down in the parking lot (“Everybody’s In The Parking Lot”). However, all of them happened when the band members were together, living their shared dream and loving every minute of it.

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