7. Simple Plan (New York Minute)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were pros at giving us unrealistic expectations for reality, such as dancing onstage with Simple Plan at a concert in New York City. Seriously, how cool was that? Even with all the running around and dodging people trying to get them, this was a pretty sick concert that we would have loved to go to.

8. Good Charlotte (Not Another Teen Movie)

In a reenactment of the classic dance scene from Grease, Good Charlotte come into Not Another Teen Movie as the band who shake things up. The formal dance is quickly turned on its head as the band play their rendition of “I Want Candy,” and the girls in the movie try to show each other up. But all we want to know is: Why didn’t Good Charlotte play at our prom?

9. The Offspring (Idle Hands)

Playing “I Wanna Be Sedated,” the Offspring actually rock the Halloween concert they’re playing. With the jack o’-lantern window background behind them, you’re immediately electrified with a spooky spirit. We wish our Halloween parties were as cool as this.

10. The Weird Sisters (Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire)

With the weirdest lyrics known to wizard-kind, we’re here for this band. The Weird Sisters perform at the Yule Ball for just a brief second in Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire. That second was all it took for us to fall in love, especially when the Weird Sisters included Jarvis Cocker and Phil Selway of Radiohead.

11. Lustra (EuroTrip)

Matt Damon has come a long way from his cameo in EuroTrip. The band performed “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” detailing the love affair that Damon’s character was having with Scott’s girlfriend all through high school. Even though this is pretty depressing for the main character, we can’t help wanting to see this in real life.