Fall is here: Team PSL or nah?
KIRBY, FIT FOR A KING: I worked at Starbucks during high school/college and can confirm that PSL’s are amazing.
TAYLOR, IN HEARTS WAKE: Well it’s Spring here in Australia. No idea what PSL is but it sounds like a cool video game.
ROETTER, LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES: I’m going to assume we’re talking about Pumpkin Spice here.. As a smell, yes.. As a flavor, no.
KELLEY, PHINEHAS: Only coffee and Dr. Pepper.

If you could play any music festival in the world, which would you pick and why?
KIRBY, FIT FOR A KING: I would have to say Self Help Fest. Minimal stages, massive bands, and a great time, or at least I would imagine it is.
TAYLOR, IN HEARTS WAKE: Vans Warped Tour. So many mates, amazing cities and a whole lot of fun in the sun!
ROETTER, LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES: Rock on the Range. Hometown festival in Columbus that we’ve spent years going to.
KELLEY, PHINEHAS: Any of them. We just like to rock. Wacken Open Air Festival would likely be at the top of that list. What metal band wouldn't want to play a metal festival of that status and magnitude.

Embarrassing or not: What guilty pleasure artist do you like to listen to on a long drive? (Any secret Carly Rae Jepsen fans?)
KIRBY, FIT FOR A KING: I may not like her music as a whole, but “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift is such a catchy song. So you MAY catch me jamming that.
TAYLOR, IN HEARTS WAKE: Nickelback. Although none of us feel guilty about it.
ROETTER, LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES: Honestly never been one for guilty pleasures. I tend to embrace whatever I’m listening to. Used to call bands like Breaking Benjamin and Papa Roach (“Dad Rock”) my guilty pleasure bands but as I’ve gotten older it’s what I find myself listening to.
KELLEY, PHINEHAS: We listen to the radio because that’s all our 16-year-old van has. If we had a choice it would be a guilt free spanning of the musical spectrum. Whatever the mood calls for. (I wanted to say Creed and all its subsidiaries but I have been told I talk about them too much.)