We here at AP know you internet denizens love lists. And we know that folks in bands have other interests beyond cranking out decibels. So here’s Five Faves, a column that solicits a list of five subjects from a number of various rockers.

This week the guys of SET IT OFF tell us about their favorite internet memes and web comics.

We find ourselves riding in the van a lot and being bored. So we go online and look at the memes and web comics our fans and websites like 9gag and reddit post. Here are each of our favorite memes. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as we do!

Cody Carson, vocals – Taylor Swift Songwriting

Set It Off's favorite memes | Alernative Press
Taylor Swift in a nutshell. Now don't get me wrong: I love Taylor Swift and her songs, but this web comic made me die laughing when I saw it. Ryan Seaman of Falling In Reverse texted it to me and I immediately had to show it to the guys. Everyone had the same reaction as me. My favorite part is her face in each frame. (I also thoroughly enjoy the vault of money.) Also, I’m 90 percent sure the vault of gold is the one from the DuckTales intro that the duck dives into. By the way, that jump would kill anyone.

Dan Clermont, guitar/vocals – Baby meme

Set It Off's favorite memes | Alernative Press
This baby meme is so hilarious to me. It just plays on the fact that babies can think for themselves and are always out to get you and make your life difficult. Nothing like a steaming pile of fecal matter in a fresh white diaper to start your day off.

Maxx Danziger, drums – Spooky Dancing Skeleton
Set It Off's Favorite Memes | Alternative Press
This is the greatest thing that has ever graced the internet. If you disagree, then you are wrong. So you can just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong. Because there is nothing funnier than a dancing skeleton. Nothing. Look at this little dude shaking what his momma gave him and dancing like there's no tomorrow. Whatever human made this gif should be given some sort of award for quality visual aesthetics or the Nobel Peace Prize or something.

Zach DeWall, guitar – Confession Bear
Set It Off's favorite memes | Alernative Press
I like the Confession Bear meme because it’s a way for people to be anonymous about the way they actually feel about a situation. I think it's funny to see other people's perspective on things that I could relate to. Also the picture of the bear is fucking hilarious.

Austin Kerr, bass – Camel Eating Child
Set It Off's favorite memes | Alernative Press
I love this meme because I feel like it’s not only comical, but a good statement on our media-centric culture. This image was put out just because it’s a funny-looking thing, but then you’re forced to think about the situation of where this picture was taken.