“Low” (2003)

Continuing their on-screen relationship, Black joins Grohl in “Low.” The duo appear as rednecks getting hammered at a motel, much of which is filmed to look like it’s being captured first-person through a camcorder. The night takes a turn when they pop open suitcases and get dressed in drag. Grohl originally wanted to film Black dancing in the skimpy outfit with no edits, but director Peretz convinced him to change his mind.

“Long Road To Ruin” (2007)

The Foos took their campy antics to a new level with “Long Road To Ruin” as they created a show within a show. The ‘70s set video has the band portraying actors who are characters on a medical soap opera. Grohl appears as Davy Grolton who plays Dr. Hansom Davidoff. Grohl’s Grolton character is a mega-star, appearing on the cover of teen magazines and in tabloids. He also fronts the Davy Grolton Band, which offers up some performance shots for the track. The video also has Rashida Jones appearing as Grohl’s love interest on- and off -screen.

“White Limo” (2011)

“White Limo” gives off a grainy VHS feel as the late Lemmy of Motörhead drives the stretch sporadically throughout town. Mendel appears in short shorts and rollerblades as the rest of the band bros down in the back of a red pickup and an alley before recruiting Lemmy as their chauffeur. The video also was directed by Grohl who helmed that duty several times.

“Walk” (2011)

Using the Michael Douglas film Falling Down as inspiration, Foo Fighters released an intense look at how one man reacts to the grind of daily life. Grohl stars as the white-collar worker sick of morning traffic and other shortcomings, so he ditches his car and sets off by foot. The other members appear as similarly stranded drivers and later as everything from a fast food clerk to thieves. The band won Best Rock Performance for the track at the 2012 Grammy Awards where Grohl gave a speech about the importance of “the human element of music” that was regarded as an attack on the electronic genre and in turn led to an apology from the frontman.

“Hot Buns” (2011)

While this video is not for a Foo Fighters track and rather a NSFW promo for their fall 2011 North American tour, it still ranks up there with some of the band’s best looks. Set in a truck stop, the members appear as over-the-top interpretations of truck drivers (and a janitor) who have stopped to grab a meal and a shower set to Queen’s “Body Language.”

“Run” (2017)

Taken from their most recent release, Concrete And Gold, “Run” shows the Foo Fighters in what may be their most intense costuming yet. Directed by Grohl, the band appear as elderly residents in a nursing home, performing for their peers and in turn offering up the soundtrack to a riot as the room goes completely and utterly insane.