We here at AP know you internet denizens love lists. And we know that folks in bands have other interests beyond cranking out decibels. So here’s Friday Fives, a column that solicits a list of five subjects from a number of various rockers.

This week Hance Alligood, vocalist for WOE, IS ME, reveals his five favorite venues to play.

The Masquerade in Atlanta

This is my hometown venue. I’ve been going to shows at the Masquerade since I was 14 years old. I’ve seen some of my favorite bands at this venue, upstairs in Heaven and downstairs in Hell. I guess you could say this venue is one of the reasons I wanted to play music and tour for a living. Stepping onstage at the Masquerade brings back memories of all the bands I’ve seen there throughout the years and reminds me how far I’ve come from that 14-year-old kid, watching his favorite bands.

Soma in San Diego

The first time I played a show at Soma, it was in the main room and I was on my first U.S. tour. The crowd was the largest I had ever played for. I remember getting tunnel vision and kind of slipping into a trance as more than 2,000 people had their focus on the stage. Now every time we play at Soma, I just think of that first time.

Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA

I think one of the main reasons I like Ace Of Spades so much is because of how well the staff treats the bands that come through. Everyone at Ace Of Spades is very hospitable and friendly and will do absolutely anything they can to make sure you’ve got everything you need to have a successful show. You can tell that this venue takes pride in what they do.

Theater Of Living Arts in Philadelphia
Theater Of Living Arts is a really nice place. The stage is massive, with lots of room to run around and have fun during your show. One of the things that stands out to me is the mood of the lighting inside the venue. The lights are very mellow, and they give off a very relaxing vibe.

Palladium in Worcester, MA
The name Palladium just sounds epic. The venue definitely lives up to its name. The main room at Palladium is massive. When you’re on stage, it’s difficult to see the back of the room. This is another venue where the stage is abnormally huge. Plus the sound and acoustics in the main room are unreal. I think it’s awesome when venues have awesome natural acoustics. It’s never a bad show at Palladium.