Anybody already confused about FFAK and FFAA billed back to back?

PALMERI: Did we just become best friends?

SHERIDAN: Honestly, it was only a matter of time. The FFAK guys are great dudes. I got a chance to chat with them while they were on tour with Every Time I Die. We met before that, but it was the first time we all had a chance to talk. Turns out they are into what we do, and we are into what they do. So far, we have had some people make a few jokes, but nothing major. I think it’s gonna be a great time and a good tour for all of us. Plus the jokes will be awesome!

KIRBY: I have had some people ask if there is going to be some beef between us, but I love their music too much for that.

ENGLISH: It was bound to happen eventually, so I'm sure some people will get confused. I'm personally just excited to get to watch those two insane bands back-to-back each night.

NOTARMASO: Shit, I was confused. People starting calling the tour “Fit For A Tour.”

Who's going to be your right-hand man/best buddy on this tour?

PALMERI: The only person that has my back in this fucked-up world is me.

SHERIDAN: You trying to get me in trouble with this question? Dudes get jelly, man!  

KIRBY: Probably one of the guys from Invent, Animate.

ENGLISH: It's gotta be one of the fellow Texas boys in Fit For A King. While we haven't toured with them yet, we're all friends already and have played a few shows together, so I'm excited to do some hoodrat things with those boys. Jared [Easterling, drums] and Tuck [O’Leary, clean vocals/bass] are definitely the ones you gotta keep your eye on.

NOTARMASO: We're all pretty close; probably whoever wants to get their ass whooped in NHL 17 every night on our rig.

What do you do in your bunk that you definitely wouldn't want to be caught dead doing?

PALMERI: You mean, besides getting caught sifting through Pornhub with a handful of Sicilian pepperoni between my knuckles? Shit, I don't know. All there is to do in there is sleep.

SHERIDAN: There isn't much I do that everyone else in the world doesn't do, and I'm not very shy.

KIRBY: Having a dance party to “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

ENGLISH: We're a pretty open band, so it would probably be taking an unironic selfie. I would get called out, for sure.

NOTARMASO: Well, I'm sure some dirty-minded people will go straight to the obvious, but that's not me. I sleep in my bunk and that's about it unless my fiancé is out with me on the road, then I would die a happy man!


When you start to feel sick on tour, how do you combat it ASAP?

PALMERI: Well, I guess that all depends on your symptoms. In general, the best thing you can do when you are sick on the road as a performer is to get onstage and sweat that shit out.

SHERIDAN: Truthfully, most times when you get sick on tour there is zero stopping it. Drink water, take meds, eat well, sleep a lot. That’s it.

KIRBY: Lots and lots of sleep, minimal talking and lots of water.

ENGLISH: Throat Kote tea with honey, vitamin C, stop eating like an idiot and pop some NyQuil to try and sleep it off. It hasn't failed me yet.

NOTARMASO: Vitamin C, water. Water is key: I make sure right after a set, I drink about two or three bottles. Otherwise the next day, you can feel your brain rattle around when you headbang.

Favorite way to spend a day off that doesn't involve driving 12 hours?

PALMERI: Stoned, next to a waterfall, surrounded by kittens.

SHERIDAN: Sleep, a good home-cooked meal and going to a movie.

KIRBY: Laying on a bed in a hotel or going out to a movie with the boys.

ENGLISH: Invent loves to hike. Sometimes we even hike on days that we don't have off and completely wear ourselves before a show. We really like to push our bodies to the physical limit and see how tired and miserable we can become before we perform.

NOTARMASO: Going to the movies! Give me some popcorn and an Icee!

Weirdest thing a fan has ever said to you?

PALMERI: Shit, I don't know. People say dumb shit when they are nervous, but I tend not to really download any of it.

SHERIDAN: Man, that’s a hard one to answer, so many crazy things have been said in my presence. I can tell you the weirdest thing that has ever been done to me while playing: A couple tours back, a dude kissed my right hand while I was playing the solo in “Still We Destroy.” There is a little legato run, and my right hand just hangs for a sec. Dude reached up and kissed me on the hand. Still not sure about that but hey, I appreciate you too, bud. Thanks for the support!

KIRBY: “Can we switch lives?”

ENGLISH: I've heard some weird things in just two years of touring, but I think “You have to have the most beautiful mouth” takes the cake. Of course, that was in Florida…

NOTARMASO: “Sign my tits!” It was a dude.