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Stacked Like Pancakes 

A band that likes to give you the run around on what their genre actually is.

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Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Another band that can't take the genre thing seriously. At all.

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They're making their parents proud.

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Everything about this is just so…. Waterparks.

Waterparks bio

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Yacht Punk

Probably the greatest band bio you will ever read.

“So here it is.Yacht Punk sounds like Stephen King’s movie Maximum Overdrive took a handful of downers. It has something to do with free-basing weed wax off nice silverware you heated up on an electric stove. It’s drinking daiquiris out of a hollowed-out pineapple at a vampire bar, flying on acid. It’s doing hippie-flips in the desert while eating steak dinner with a roommates’ retired relatives, having a black dumpster cat named Mazzy Star, and destroying another pair of white Converse. No, they don't ride on yachts and they don't play punk.”

What other creative and hilarious band bios have you seen? Let us know in the comments below!

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