Patty Walters (AS IT IS) –– @pattywaltersneckveins (Instagram)

Does someone want to make a Neck Deep joke? Anyone? Never mind. Patty’s neck veins, Awsten’s eyelashes… what’s next? Ben Barlow’s earlobes? Jayden Seeley’s elbows? Alex Gaskarth’s arm hair? Probably –– the internet is a very strange place.


Glorious���� (photo credit/more like screenshot credit�� @punkrockgoose)

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Saves (U.K.) –– @slavesukmemes (Instagram)

Not only are they slaves to punk rock, the rising U.K. duo are also—thanks to this account—slaves to the meme. If slavesukmemes proves anything, it’s that punk is capable of being romantic…

Trivium –– @triviummemes (Twitter)

This account has been having a heap of fun with Trivium’s new video for “The Sin And The Sentence.” Turns out metal and memes go hand in hand.

Twenty One Pilots –– @fakeyoudoubt (Instagram)

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun get up to all kinds of antics on tour, and whether it’s accepting awards in their underpants or hanging out with kangaroos, this account documents all their ridiculously fun escapades. Feeling stressed out? Hit up @fakeyoudoubt for some good-hearted lolz.

Brand New – @brandnewlyricswithpizza (Instagram)

Brand New lyrics on images of pizza? This is a winner, for sure.