7. The Mountain – Slipknot

Slipknot should’ve taken some inspiration from the zombie hulk when designing their new masks. Quiet, badass and powerhouses in their respective professions, The Mountain would totally be a maggot.

8. Jaime Lannister – Black Sabbath

Jaime doesn’t carry the dark tones of Black Sabbath, but they’ve followed a very similar career path. After losing a crucial piece of themselves (whether it be a founding member or appendage), you thought it was all over. They may not be the same as they began, but the new version isn’t as bad as we thought and might even be better.

9. Cersei Lannister – Ozzy Osbourne

On the other side of the breakup is Cersei. She’s distanced herself from someone you thought would be there for her in the long run, but she now looks to carve her own path. Being solo reveals that alone, she may be more powerful than ever before. See: Ozzy.

10. The Hound – August Burns Red

He might not be a fan of the band name, but The Hound’s intensity and heavy hand matches perfectly with the fast-paced badassness of ABR. Could Jake Luhrs best The Hound one on one though? Too close to call.  

11. Bronn – blink-182

Sharing the ever-present shameless factor and lacking the ability to take anything seriously, Bronn wholly encapsulates blink’s complexion. Plus, we could totally see Mark Hoppus living in a castle. Don’t ask why.

12. Bran Stark – Dave Grohl

Not letting the loss of leg functionality stop them, Dave Grohl and Bran have truly gone the distance. Even after losing seemingly everything early on, the two persevered and share the ability to see their future greatness. We’re not making any predictions, but Grohl does have an iron throne of his own.