New Jersey rockers Can’t Swim are releasing their first EP Death Deserves A Name on Feb. 26, but they’ve joined AP to give a sneak peek, with a full stream of the five songs.

Singer Chris “Krier” Loporto says he creates music to work with his friends. “The only reason I started writing songs was to get the rest of the guys in Can't Swim all in the same room together,” he says. “I didn't think much would come of it but now we get to play music all the time.”

The EP is angry and aggressive right from the start with a dark bass line in “In Your Clothes.” Later, in “Right Choice,” Loporto throws out some scratchy croons.

Though the band formed just last spring, they’re already moving quickly, and are set to open for Four Year Strong in March.

Death Deserves A Name has given us a chance to become a band, and that I am very thankful for,” says Loporto.

Listen to the new EP below, and let us know what you think in the comments!