Gift cards to healthier food spots

It’s tough to eat right on tour, so bands will take any opportunity to try and get some healthy food when they can. Even gift cards to grocery stores help them load up on healthy snacks and hopefully something a little more inventive than PB&J.
PRO TIP: While musicians assuredly appreciate the time and love that fans put into cooking or baking food for them, they usually can’t eat these things because of health risks. You’re much better off providing them with a gift card to a place where they can pick up healthy sustenance on the road.

Pop culture stuff

This will depend on who you’re gifting for, but thanks to the wonders of social media, we all know what our faves are listening to, binge-watching or just are fans of themselves. Bands have gotten Pop! Vinyl, specialty prints, T-shirts and all kinds of other pop culture items. Just make sure it’s nothing too big or bulky—it still has to fit in their bunk, and eventually in their luggage home!


Every band has their own collection of the beautiful drawings, letters and other creations fans have made them over the years. If you did it by yourself in your bedroom or contributed to a fan project of 100-plus people, bands love the effort and heart you put into your art.


You'll have to keep your eyes peeled to their Twitter feeds, but often bands on tour want the latest from whatever gaming system they have packed on their bus. Look out for requests, but be sure to keep your receipt, just in case multiple people bring copies. Otherwise, if a store has a $5 movie bin, pick up a few of your favorites to add into their nightly rotation. 


Of all the bands we reached out to for this story, everyone first said they were thankful fans came to their shows at all. If you want to bring a gift for a band you love, that’s awesome. If you don’t, that’s just as great. Bands appreciate every person at their shows, no matter what they bring with them.