[Photos by: Blackcraft, Fuzzrocious Pedals, Abominable Electronics, Pizza Ships, SJC Custom Drums, SUCK UK] 

Shopping for a musician is tough and, at times, nerve-wracking. We’re all annoyingly picky and are usually skimming through music retail sites all day changing our minds. To help you out, here’s the ultimate fail-safe gift guide for musicians, whether they’re beginners or doing world tours. Happy holidays; it’s time to get those credit cards out.

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Ultimate EarsThe Ultimate Combo ($499)
ultimate ears the ultimate combo
[Photo by: Ultimate Ears

The Ultimate Combo is the ultimate deal for any serious musician. Get a set of UE 900s ($399) in-ear monitors plus the handy Sound Tap ($249) to plug into any speaker onstage to get the perfect mix right into your brain without having to rely on a venue’s old, janky monitors. It’s not rocket science—it’s simple, reliable and an incredibly affordable deal.

Reverend GuitarsMatt West Signature Model ($999)
reverend matt west signature model guitar
[Photo by: Reverend Guitars

The designated shredder of Neck Deep has his first signature model guitar! A single Reverend 9A5 pickup at the bridge gives it an aggressive attack sound, and the reverse headstock with its custom wizard logo makes it stand out from other models. This is available in midnight black and powder yellow.

Reverend GuitarsShade Balderose Signature ($1,199)
reverend guitars
[Photo by: Reverend Guitars

The guitarist of hardcore heavy-hitters Code Orange gets his first signature model. Made with Railhammer pickups, a solid set neck, ebony fretboard and an evil-looking reverse headstock, it’s perfect for any guitarists looking for brutal, yet articulate playing.

Positive Grid BIAS Distortion Pro Pedal ($345-349)
positive grid distortion pedal
[Photo by: Positive Grid

Customize, clone and build your dream distortion/fuzz/overdrive/etc. pedal using Positive Grid’s new BIAS software. No longer will you need a bin full of pedals to find that perfect sound. Just plug in and shred. When you get tired of it, just plug back into your computer and find your next favorite sound.

Fuzzrocious PedalsAFTERLIFE V2 & FEED ME V2 ($155-$180)
fuzz afterlife pedal
fuzz feed me pedal
[Photos by: Fuzzrocious Pedals

Gear nerds already drool over Fuzzrocious’ crushing tones and awesome artwork. Now fans can get two new versions of their beloved pedals. The AFTERLIFE V2 ($180) is more compact, but it has more options, including reverb mix/decay controls and a new effects loop for extra weirdness. The FEED ME V2 ($155) is an EQ monster now with simplified settings. Dial in your mids, treble and bass to perfection, and get that muff fuzz tone stack you’ve always wanted.

Ascape AudioAscend•1 Wireless Earbuds ($89.95)
ascape audio wireless earbuds
[Photo by: Ascape Audio]

Ascape Audio provides new, affordable and low-profile bluetooth earbuds that are not only sweatproof, but come with a case that recharges their batteries, giving you 14 hours of listening time on the go. It takes only 40 minutes to completely charge the earbuds as well. This gift is perfect for not only musicians, but also runners and fitness enthusiasts.

Abominable ElectronicsHellmouth ($175)
hell mouth pedal
[Photo by: Abominable Electronics

A tweaked version of the famous green Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer, this monster of an overdrive pedal comes with more low end and extra gain options. It’s used by bands like Code Orange and All Pigs Must Die, and you’re guaranteed to have a crushing sound the second you stomp it.

Pizza Ships ($8)
pizza ships pin
[Photo by: Pizza Ships

The keyboardist of the Sleeping, Chris Evans, is making a killing on his new pop culture- and music-themed pin company. Danzig With The Stars is just one of the hilarious options available if you’re looking for small gifts to fill a stocking or flair to add to your loved one’s jean jacket.

Blackcraft ($38-$64)
blackcraft clothing
[Photo by: Blackcraft

Help the musician in your life look like a rockstar onstage. Blackcraft’s new line of clothes includes the Baphomet Camo Lightweight Windbreaker ($62-63) and the Lucipurr Sleeveless High Neck ($38). They’re perfect for press photos, stage clothes or just letting people around town know you mean business.

FenderDuo-Sonic HS ($524.99)
fender duo sonic
[Photo by: Fender]

This reimagined classic from Fender comes with a short scale neck like the Jaguar and Mustang models, as well as Duo-Sonic single-coil pickups for that cutting midrange sound and updated electronics. It’s stylish, reasonably priced and the perfect guitar for beginners and full-time touring musicians alike.