Vater PercussionAbe Cunningham’s Cool Breeze Sticks ($8.75-10.49)
Vater sticks
[Photo by: Vater Percussion

Abe Cunningham from Deftones has a new signature stick from Vater Percussion. It has the weight between a 5B and the 2B/Rock models, extra length and a thicker taper compared to the similar models.

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Bowers & Wilkins PX ($399.99)
bower and wilkins px
[Photo by: Bowers & Wilkins

The high-end audio company’s first wireless noise-canceling headphones are available in three filter options: office, city or plane. Not only are they tuned by the same audio engineers who work on the company’s $30K speakers (800D3), but they also have 22 hours of battery life and will automatically pause or start the music when you put on or take off your headphones.

KBrakes Grips ($19.99)
kbrakes grips drummers
[Photo by: KBrakes

Drummers, first get yourselves a pair of KBrakes to stop your kick drum from sliding, then pick up KBrakes Grips. Did the venue forget a drum rug? Do you want pristine studio sound without the carpet sucking away the tone? Now you can stop your kick drum from sliding on hardwood floors.

GiraffeGlitter Sticky Hands (100 Count) ($9.95)
sticky hands drum muffles
[Photo by: Amazon

Ready to blow a drummer’s mind? These work as drum muffles. This is a way for drummers, techs and studio engineers to save hundreds of dollars a year. Sticky Hands are the insider equivalent to expensive drum mutes and dampeners. If you get a questionable look, just slap one of these onto their snare drum and say, “You’re welcome.”

Table-TurnedVinyl subscription ($175)
table turned logo
[Photo by: Table-Turned]

Listening to music is the best research for songwriters. Open up the musician in your life to a world of options and awesome vinyl with Table-Turned’s new vinyl subscription service. Check out the subscription packages for Noise Rock (Drive Like Jehu) or Americana Punk (the Gaslight Anthem) to line up with your tastes from dozens of labels and get a new record every month.

SJC Custom DrumsDudley Snare ($299.99)
SJC dudley snare
[Photo by: SJC Custom Drums]

The world’s biggest custom drum manufacturer go back to their roots with the new Dudley Snare. The name comes from the company’s hometown of Dudley, Massachusetts and their original location in the owner’s grandmother’s basement. Growing from a basement to a massive warehouse, the company continues to grow and create innovative custom drums.

SUCK UKDrumstick Pen ($8)
drumstick pen
[Photo by: SUCK UK

Now you can drum on your desk instead of tap on it in school or at work with Suck UK’s Drumstick Pen. Made out of real wood, each order comes with two blue or black ballpoint pens. Put your fidget spinner down, pick these up and either impress or annoy your peers.

DW DrumsCollector’s Series Purpleheart Snare Drum ($663)
DW purple heart snare
[Photo by: DW Drums]

DW continues to innovate and create some of the world’s best drums, including their new Purpleheart Snare Drum. Whether you want the 6.5” x 14” or 5.5” x 14” size, the hardwood is perfect for projection, volume and articulation. The snare drum is the most important part of a drummer’s kit, making it worth every penny.

PRSSE Standard 24 Multi-Foil ($849)
multi foil guitar
[Photo by: PRS]

PRS just launched their 2018 SE models, and the multi-foil should already have your attention. The unique color is due to layering different finishes, creating an almost tie-dye effect on the guitar. The guitar has two 85/15 “S” humbuckers and a 3-way blade switch, including tone control with a simple push or pull. Anyone holding this on stage is bound to steal the spotlight.

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