[Photo by: Google]

It's no secret that Google offers search suggestions as you start typing in the search bar. “Google Suggest” or “Autocomplete” has been available on the Google site since 2008, offering suggestions on what to search based on popularity and real search activity from other Google users. So what sort of search suggestions will you get once you start typing in some of your favorite bands and artists?

Here's a list of 13 weird, funny and slightly odd auto search results on some of your favorite artists.

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1.  Awsten Knight

Awsten Knight Google Search

Either Awsten really knows how to accessorize or fans are REALLY wanting a necklace of Awsten Knight.

2. Alex Gaskarth

alex gaskarth google search

Apparently this is a very popular question, but if you actually search this result, Google Plus finds it imperative that you know Alex is also referred to as “White Chocolate.” That's now a thing you know.

3. Derek DiScanio

derek discanio google search

It's no secret that Derek loves hockey. Obviously Google is well aware of this and feels that you might want to search this before “Derek DiScanio State Champs.”

4. Patrick Stump

patrick stump google search

Drunk History of Fall Out Boy anyone?

5. Nikki Misery

nikki misery google search

Ah, the mystery of Nikki Misery in no makeup.

6. Telle Smith

telle smith google search

Google knows Telle's bad luck with injuries on tour.

7. Broadside

broadside google search

OK, this makes sense… Broadside tour, Broadside Cleveland, Broadside… of a barn.