21 goth products to have the spookiest kitchen possible

We try to infiltrate our goth aesthetic into every aspect of our daily lives, including in the kitchen.

It’s important to us that when we’re cooking, eating or just hanging out in our kitchen that it reflects our personalities—especially the dark, spooky parts. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 21 goth kitchen products you should definitely own if you feel the same as us. If you’re not into cooking, maybe buying something off this list will motivate you to start.

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  1. Let your guests know that troll toes and eyeball soup is on the menu with this spooky kitchen sign ($49.95)

  1. A “cereal killer” spoon for nonmorning people ($7.95)

3. A black ceramic teapot for you to brew tea like a witch ($31.99)

  1. This elaborate octopus beverage dispenser to really wow your party guests ($437.29)

  1. A set of crystal coasters that are so pretty you won’t have to remind people to use them ($13.54)

  1. Skeleton cupcake molds to add some personality to your baking ($11.95)

  1. Bat wine glasses perfect for night spent sipping wine and watching scary movies ($39.71)

  1. A Ouija cheese board that you can use both to entertain and summon the dead ($33)

  1. These stunning skeletal plates should be the only dishware you are eating off of ($88)

  1. And mugs to match that should only be used for black coffee ($53.99)

  1. This skull egg mold that you don’t need but definitely want ($11.74)