1. A coffin cutting board that is basic, but gets the point across ($35.87)

  1. A zombie head decanter to store your liquor in style ($12.90)

  1. The cutest cheese grater you will ever see ($14.90)

  1. Some skeleton canisters to store all of your favorite snacks ($54.99)  

  1. A set of gargoyle salt-and-pepper shakers with a toothpick holder that you will proudly display on your dining room table ($19.95)

  1. Skull ice molds because we can’t be caught dead throwing plain old cubes in our drinks ($8.99)

  1. This frightening skeleton fork and spoon that’s almost too pretty to use ($22 a piece)

  1. A 20-piece set of matte black silverware that’s a little more appropriate for everyday use ($69.98)

  1. A skull drinking jar because we like to save the environment and be as spooky as possible at all times ($3.96)

  1. Skeleton hand-serving tongs that will make you actually want to serve food to other people ($16.92)