Stylized french tips

This is another spin on French tips, incorporating shapes to the old-school white tips we’ve grown accustomed to. Hearts, flames, you name it, there’s a nail artist who can create it.



Lace just feels so classic and traditionally gothic that of course someone would eventually find a way to add it to a fierce nail design. We absolutely adore how elegant these beauties turned out.



Just felt like posting a collection of all of my favorite bloody nails ????????

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If you can stud a belt, you can stud a nail. Many artists and nail enthusiasts have been experimenting with studding nails, and frankly, we are totally about it.

Blood drips

Dripping nails are really pretty, but when the drips look like blood it’s just gore-geous.

Watercolor/smoky style

We love how airy and effervescent a watercolor effect looks on fingertips; it’s so light it’s almost ghostly.

When night falls ???? [email protected] #nailglossteam #nailglossmi

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Dramatic accent nail

Sometimes you just need one nail to say it all. Adding a little extra pop to your middle finger can really give a statement.


Bedazzled cuticle

Bedazzled cuticles are like reverse French tips with texture. It’s so extra, but so worth it.