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Whether you have a goth girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend, we at AP know it can be hard finding the perfect holiday gift for the goth who hates everything—especially if you slept on the Halloween clearance deals. That’s why we’ve curated this Goth Gift Guide, full of original products from some awesome companies that will brighten even the darkest goth’s day.

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Throw Pillows by KMSxCo — $12-$40

Killin’ Me Softly Co. is an independently owned brand that sells handmade homewares, including some amazingly spooky throw pillows, perfect for the goth who likes to cuddle.

Mini Coffin Bat Planter by Black Willow Gallery — $20

You could probably get all of your goth Christmas shopping done at Black Willow Gallery’s website, but our favorite item is this tiny air plant planter shaped like a coffin.

 Witch Cauldron Mug by Rogue And Wolf — $16

Rogue And Wolf make all kinds of awesome witchy goodies, from phone cases to jewelry; but nothing beats this cauldron mug.

Beltane Phone Case by Killstar — $27

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What’s more goth than black cats? Protect your clumsy loved one’s phone with the Beltane case from Killstar, or one of their other cute cases.

All Black Everything Hexbox Gift Set by Hexbomb — $26.99

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For the bath enthusiast who thinks Lush is just not quite black enough, pick up this all-black gift set that includes black shower gel, skull soap, perfume and two black skull bath bombs.

Burke And Hare Candles — $7-$26

Burke And Hare is a goth handmade candle company that never fails to create candles we’d kill for. Spice up that holiday gift exchange with the Vom Krampus holiday exclusive or perhaps Disintegration, inspired by the Cure…

Pins & Patches by LastCraft Designs — $5-$20

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With designs such as the above-pictured Robert Smith and Boys Don’t Cry pins, and an equally amazing “The Higher The Hair The Closer To Moz” patch, how can you go wrong?

Cosmetics by Zolia Vera — $7.95-$24.95

If you’re a goth who has never had at least a mild obsession with Victorian England, you’re lying. Check out these handmade cosmetics modeled after real Victorian products, including makeup, shaving brushes and cream, scrubs, soaps and elixirs, so you can finally feel like you’re living in Sweeney Todd.  

Assorted Ornaments by The Bleep Bloop Shop — $10

The Bleep Bloop Shop is a small shop based in Brooklyn that makes odd and lovable handmade items, including some adorable ornaments.

Cryptic Bag by Cryptic Cosmetics — $34

Yes, Cryptic Cosmetics, the most goth beauty line ever made, has a new makeup bag for sale; and yes, it is black and studded. You can pick it up (as well as a lipstick or two—our choice shade is Tortured Soul inspired by Depeche Mode) on their website.